10 Creative Perfume Packaging Ideas that can Help you Sell Your Perfume Better

Creative Perfume Packaging Ideas

A perfume is a product that helps one smell amazing. It is a good gift idea, as well. Some people use this daily, and it is an important part of their life. There are many brands of perfume available in a store. Brands need to compete with one another to stand out. This can be done by designing beautiful perfume boxes. Read on to find out 10 exciting and creative perfume packaging ideas which can help sell perfume.

10 Creative Perfume Packaging Ideas

Here are the 10 best packaging ideas that can help you draw customer attention and sell your perfume better.

Perfume Bottles Designed According To A Famous Drink

creative perfume packaging ideas


The perfume bottle can be made as if it is a famous drink such as Coca Cola. This is a drink favored by many and a perfume bottle designed like this will be unique and attract buyers, especially those who love the drink.

Slim And Pretty For Ladies

creative perfume packaging ideas

A perfume for ladies can be designed having a slim and smart body. This will be a perfume fit for a princess. The cap on the top can be attractive as well. This can be a piece of art. The perfume packaging boxes for this will be made slim also with a beautiful color.

Following Nature

Creative perfume packaging ideas

Creative Perfume Packaging Ideas – Following Nature

If the perfume is one that has connections to nature by its scent, the bottle can be designed like a log that opens in the middle. The perfume subscription boxes for this will have earth colors like brown. They can be recyclable as well.

Royal Design

creative perfume packaging ideas

A chic and expensive perfume can have a royal design so that it shows it is for royals. The bottle can be small and in a decent color. The lid can be shaped like a crown to show the perfume is fit for royals. The box of this will be designed chic as well.

Unique Shape

creative perfume packaging ideas - unique shape

Unique shapes attract when it comes to packaging. They have the ability to stand out. A perfume bottle with a unique shape like an oval one or like a ball looks good. The box for this can be made exactly like the shape of the perfume bottle.

Long And Thin

Long And Thin - Creative Perfume Packaging ideas

Long And Thin – Creative Perfume Packaging ideas

Perfume samples for an amazing perfume can be made to be long and thin, copying the style of the original perfume. The perfume sample boxes will be long and thin as well. This perfume will be such a size that it is easy to carry around in one’s bag.

Romantic Color

Romantic Color - Perfume Packaging Ideas

If the perfume has a romantic smell, then choose a romantic color for the bottle and its box. This can be a light grey one for a males perfume. With the help of color, the atmosphere can be set, that the perfume is a romantic one.

Logo According To The Brand And Smell

Logo According To The Brand And Smell - Perfume Packaging Ideas

A logo on packaging helps recognize what brand the perfume is from. With a memorable and short logo, one can remember this. The logo should be designed according to the ideals of the company. If the company is a decent one, then a simple logo with a simple font looks good. If it is a chic brand, then a logo that looks expensive is better.

Recyclable Material

Recyclable Material - Creative perfume packaging Ideas

If the perfume is from a brand that favors sustainable practices, then the packaging can be designed as such. The box can be made from recyclable cardboard. Colors used can be earth ones like brown. The scent will be a natural one as well.

Lid Opens In A Unique Way

The lid on top of the perfume bottle that opens in a unique way is an attractive design. The lid can open upwards, for instance.

Lid Opens In A Unique Way - Creative Perfume Packaging Ideas

Lid Opens In A Unique Way – Creative Perfume Packaging Ideas

A perfume must have wonderful packaging so that it can attract. The perfume boxes wholesale should be designed like the bottle as well.

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