13 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid At All Cost

Fashion Mistakes You Need to Avoid

We all want to look good with the fashion choices we make. But sometimes, we end up making decisions that ruin the entire look. The fortunate part – nobody points it out because they are used to it too.

Fashion Mistakes

If you have ever wanted to know the secret to look stylish, these are some common fashion mistakes to avoid:

#1: Wearing the Wrong Size

Sometimes, we end by buying clothes smaller or bigger than our size. Small clothes don’t help flaunt your look and big clothes look untidy.

You need to accept your size no matter what you wear. Once you are able to embrace that, you will feel more confident and comfortable in your skin.

#2: Following the Trend

There is nothing wrong with following a trend but if it’s not appropriate for your age and body type, you shouldn’t follow it.

When shopping in-store, don’t let the salesperson talk you into buying what you shouldn’t. If the dress you have tried is not complimenting your body, don’t buy it.

#3: Over-Accessorizing

If you are wearing more than one statement piece, you are over-accessorizing. You don’t need a necklace, dangly rings and earrings, and a fringe bag. All this is too much. It distracts people from your face. Keep it simple and wear minimal accessories.

A statement necklace or earrings would pair well with a low cut blouse. Wear a bold belt or an oversized bag with neutrals. You need to find balance and proportion.

#4: Over Styling

Over styling is pretty similar to over-accessorizing. Don’t wear a hat, scarf, and layers of clothes together. To make sure your outfit is on point, you must focus on minimal things only. Just keep one part of the outfit as the main centerpiece. Use smaller pieces to compliment it.

#5: Wearing the Wrong Socks

For many of us, socks are an afterthought. But, if you choose the wrong pair, they could ruin your outfit. Don’t choose them just on the basis of your shoe style. The worst is wearing white socks thinking they won’t peek through your ankle boots.

#6: Oversized Coats

I hear you, oversized coats look cool but not all the time. Plus, they must still fit in some way. Often, customers buy oversized coats because the smaller size didn’t fit well. When this happens, keep looking for the right size. Don’t settle if it doesn’t have the right cut.

A well-fitted coat is the one that fits your shoulders and is still comfortable over your heaviest sweater.

#7: Wrong Pairing

You must have done this and realized your mistake later on. The wrong pair makes you look messy and casual. It immediately makes you look tasteless. Spend some time pairing and harmonizing your ensemble.

#8 Not Wearing a Belt

A belt is such an accessory that can tie your whole look together. But that doesn’t mean you wear a belt every day.

Belts don’t just work well with jeans and shorts but dresses as well. They can make a loose dress appear sexier.

#9: Say No to Boat Necks

Boat neckline dresses make you appear heavier than you are. Instead, choose a V-shaped neckline with a little cleavage. It will make you look elegant.

#10: Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal prints also give an impression of a larger figure. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you will have to let go of stripes. You just need to change the direction. Instead of horizontal stripes choose vertical stripes. They make you look slimmer and taller.

#11: Wearing Florals

You could be wearing florals in the totally wrong way. Florals and paisley patterns if are dull, pale or neutral can ruin your whole look. Instead, choose stripes in birth colors or geometric patterns to be a little playful with your look.

#12: Going Gray

Many people have started embracing their gray hair. And it’s no longer synonymous with getting old.  If you are going gray too, make sure you follow a hair-care routine. There are products that can make your hair look shinier, brighter, and youthful.

#13: Picking the Wrong Jeans

Most of us end up picking the wrong pair of jeans. To choose the right pair, keep these tips in mind:

  • Find a pair of jeans that is a perfect cut for your body type
  • Pick a smaller size because jeans are supposed to stretch with time
  • Go for darker shades. You can wear them with more outfits
  • Even if you are buying female pants from a high-end store, check the stretch of the fabric, pockets and overall stitching.

Those of you who had been making any of these Fashion mistakes, fix them now and stay on top of your fashion game.

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