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What is The Best Way To Make Money Online in India 2020 Update

Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide

Everything is changing in the 21st century. The ways to make money online have changed. In this article, I am going to talk about the best way to make money online in 2020 from your home.

Today I will talk about a bright career that has scope today and even in the future. If you are a student, housewife, working professional, job seeker, Or even if you are already making money online this way works best for you. This article is for everyone from beginners to expert and after reading till the end you will be able make money from your home.

The best way to make money online that I am going to talk about here is “Affiliate Marketing”. Amazon, Flipkart and thousands of such companies do their marketing through affiliate marketing. Now let’s start and see how we can make money from these companies.

But before going step by step guide first, we have to understand what is affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

There are 3 parties involved in Affiliate Marketing merchant, affiliate, and consumer. Let say Amazon is a merchant which has a product, you are the affiliate. You promote Amazon products to the consumer. You will use different ways to promote the products. When the consumer purchases a product you got a commission.

affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online 2020
Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online 2020 update in India

Next, I will tell you how this chain works and how individuals are earning thousands of dollars each month. And how you can make money from affiliate marketing.

You have to understand that this is not fun, it’s your career and I am talking about your future. That’s why I would like to tell you why Affiliate marketing has a scope? Why it is important and in the end, you will learn how to make money from affiliate marketing at your home. I will explain it in a step by step guide.

Scope of Affiliate Marketing in India

A study says that by 2020, there will be 650+ million internet users in India. This means that the number of internet users in India will be more than the total population of G7 countries. This a greate scope of internet users in the future which is increasing day by day.

As the number of Internet users is increasing, so is the e-commerce business grow naturally. And 15 to 20% of e-commerce is through affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing industry which was around 7 billion index in 2016 will reach 60 billion by 2021. Such a great rise is coming, whether you take advantage of it or not?

This is not a permanent business, it is a growing business. The shops are shutting down because of shifting digitally and the people are thinking to start making money online from their home.

There is a new trend of affiliate marketing in India and every company has started this program. Most of the retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal are affiliating. Travel sites makemytrip, yatra, airbnb, health sites, bank sites, insurance sites, policybazaar, matrimonial sites,, all of them running through affiliate marketing.

Every company has started affiliate because they see the scope in this industry. Their advertising cost is decreasing in this way so your benefit and their benefit too. By 2019 almost every good company has started an affiliate program. A new era begins in 2020 which we can take advantage of.

Many individuals are making 500-500k Rupees every day through affiliate marketing in 2019 so how much it should be in 2020 as the industry has grown so much.

Top Indian Affiliate Marketers

  • Kulwant Nagi from Haryana earning millions of Rupees from this business.
  • Kunal Chaudhry making 10-15 Lakh rupees every month.
  • There are many names in India that are making millions while just sleeping at home.

Affiliate Marketing is The Best Way to Make Money Online in 2020 in India

Now it depends on you whether you take advantage to get into this business and start making money online or avoid this. Do you have decided to make your career? let’s see step by step how you can start this business.

1. Choose a Category

If it was 2012 which is outdated then I would tell you that if you join any affiliate program and it will work for you. But now that we are in early 2020 it is important to work smart, for which I am tapping you on how you can work smarter. And that will help you reach success faster.

Choose any category first, we called it Niche. This means to choose a specific topic and become an expert on this topic. You can choose any Niche it can be books category, fashion related, shoes, jackets, electronics, watches, mobile phones, health, fitness-related, mobile apps, and blogging related.

There are thousands of categories you can choose from. Let me give a tip, how you can choose the best category for you.

You can see the bestsellers of any category that will give you an idea of which products are more in demand. Just type ‘Amazon best sellers’ in Google and click on the first link, you will see a lot of top-rated products that are selling best.

best way to make money online in India 2020
An idea to choose a niche for your affiliate marketing business which is the best way to make money online 2020 update in India

2. Register as an Affiliate

Register with websites for which you want to affiliate or sell the product of the company. Some big companies are Amazon, Flipkart, vCommission, Optimise, and Bigrock affiliate, etc.

You will get a link on these affiliate websites to ‘Register as an Affiliate’ or ‘Become an Affiliate’. Click the link and register with them as an affiliate.

Or you can also register on the affiliate network. Affiliate Network is like a shopping mall. You will get all the merchants in one place. You will not have to register with every merchant. Once you register with one affiliate network, all other merchants are linked to each other. There are several Leading Affiliate Networks in India as I mentioned above.

When you become an affiliate marketer of any company, you have the option of generating a link to any product by which you can promote that product. You make money through that link by putting it on your website or sharing it on social media sites.

Everything is software-based. In fact, if a customer came to Amazon through your link, didn’t purchase anything and left the website but within 24 hours if that customer purchased anything you still win the commission.

3. How to Sell Through Affiliate Marketing To Make Money Online in 2020?

After choosing the category, get registered as an affiliate now it’s time to sell, which is the most important part. There are different ways of reaching out to the targeted traffic. You can create your site and start promoting the product, you can share affiliate links on different social media sites like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.

Even you can make youtube videos for affiliate marketing. Messaging through mobile or WhatsApp is also one of the ways to make the product accessible. Or you can do all this by email marketing.

But I will suggest, you must create the website. It’s not so hard to make a website. You can watch tutorials on youtube or many tools are there for website making.

If you’ve created a website, you will also be able to link to social media. You can create a list of emails, and do WhatsApp marketing. Many successful bloggers have used this way to start affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to set up a shop or sit at the shop, No tension. You are sitting at home, linking to the product, providing information, people are coming and buying products. Someone else is selling, someone else is doing the supply, and the customer is buying, you are just taking 10-15% commission from each product by just linking the customer and seller through affiliate marketing.

There are many ways to work smartly, for example, if you have created a website, doing marketing, you can collect contacts, email address, Whatsapp number, actually you are increasing the selling option. In this way, you are increasing your traffic which results increase in earning.

If you don’t want to create a website you can do so through social media. You can advertise your product on Facebook, youtube, Instagram, etc.

So you can see how affiliate marketing is happening in so many ways at this level. And how many angles, ways, innovation, and scope there is in affiliate marketing. But one thing to keep in mind, recommend a good product to your readers that you trust too. If you find that the product is not good but you are promoting it to the people just to earn money, it is wrong. The business does not run with the money but trust.

4. How to Reach Out To Customer?

There are several ways to convey a product to the customer. You can review a product on your blog post or youtube video, the product can be anyone. For example, you can review on a watch, tell customers what is the opinion of other people about this watch, their comments, what is good and bad in it and everything else about this product.

In addition, you can write ‘HOW TO’ about any product, what I mean by this is to mention this product by explaining something. For example, ‘How to lose weight’ where you can mention a specific product that loses weight.


‘How to click a portrait photo’ where you can mention a product and tell the customer to use or buy this specific lens.

You can make a comparison between the products or prices, it is most favorable for most buyers. You can solve the problem of buyers by making a comparison. Any product wins in comparison but we always have to win. You can give DEALS to the customer by becoming an affiliate with coupon sites.

You can track all your earnings in the Dashboard of the site where you become an affiliate. As you spread your message to more people your conversion increases. You will gradually have the idea of how many people see the post and how many converts and you will get your numbers cleared.

One of the great benefits of affiliate marketing that you will not have to take packaging tension nor delivery or manufacturing tension. The scope is too wide because you don’t have to sell your own product but someone else’s product.

In fact, if you look at commissions, if you sell any kind of services, sometimes the commission goes up to 80%. And the product can be commissioned up to 10-15%.

Final Thoughts

We can conclude that affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online in 2020 in India. I hope you like this article. As your affiliate business grows with the time you must share your experience with me in the comment below.


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