Energy Saving Initiatives In Office & Workplace

All business usually get huge energy bills due to the lighting system.  As per the report released by carbon Trust, 20% of energy consumption is just due to our lights.  In addition to this, almost 75% of installation is out of date and not able to fulfill the present requirement. In this article, we will talk about energy saving initiatives in office and workplace.

Energy Saving Initiatives in Office

Earlier days, commercial offices use inefficient incandescent lighting system. But with the advent of the LED, everything has been changed. These are completely efficient and durable light bulbs. If you are planning to make your office energy efficient call Electrician Sydney and replace the existing lighting system.

LED is abbreviated for Light Emitting Diodes. This lighting system offers a good opportunity for all business owner to get high-efficiency and reduce energy bills. In addition to this, after installing an LED lighting system, all businesses can go green.

If you replace your conventional halogen lights with the latest technology LED bulbs then you will definitely observe the significant fall in your energy bills.  These new technology lighting system can reduce energy consumption by 65 to 85 percent.

In addition to energy saving initiatives in office, LEDs offer a payback time period of just two to five years. You may be surprised after knowing that this latest technology LED if used for 8 hours per day then they can easily last for 20 years and do not require any replacement or maintenance. These advantages can help a business to get a huge return after a small investment.

Replace Versus Redesign

If you are looking for lighting upgrades then there are two different options: First one is Retrofit, that means replace existing fixtures and lighting components, the Second one is Redesign, that means complete redesign that includes intelligent controlling system, in order to get good results.

If experienced professional like reliable electrician Northern Beaches handle your lighting upgrade, a comprehensive lighting redesign can help you get short term and long term advantages. This type of process will not just help you in fighting against the various efficiency issues but also help you in achieving good ambiance for staff members and other customers.

Smart lighting controls

All over the world, countries are setting rules and regulations for increasing the adoption of smart lighting system to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

If the LED lighting system is integrated with the smart controlling unit then it will not only reduce energy consumption but also provide good efficiency to light up the surrounding. Basically, these smart lighting system can be used to turn off or reduce the illumination when excess lighting is not required.

In addition to energy saving initiatives in office, there are various other benefits of an advanced lighting system at the workplace like improved monitoring and maintenance, and an enhanced experience for staff members and other visitors.

Enhance the experience of staff

According to various research, it has been highlighted that good lighting system plays an important role within the workplace. On the basis of these reports published by The BRE Trust, which looked at lighting and how it can improve the good health of people in buildings, found it goes far beyond safety and simply providing good illumination to see.

It can affect mood, productivity and poor lighting can be responsible for several health issues, including headaches, eyestrain, skin conditions and various types of sight loss. Thus, you should not wait more and call your trusted professionals like Licensed electrician Northern Beaches and make the office energy-efficient.

It is imperative to provide a good working environment for your employees inside the office. All business owners should not forget that employees are the main sources of business profit. Therefore, offer enlighted office space is their responsibility. Using energy management technique can prove beneficial for business owners.

It works by monitoring the level of ambient/natural light in a workspace and dimming or switching off lighting when enough natural light is available (as well as when space is without work). This energy saving initiatives in office will not only help you to reduce energy use and expenditure but improves the working environment.

Top takeaways

What is clear is that lighting is an area which presents a real opportunity for businesses. As one of the largest energy expenses many organizations face, and with tried and tested solutions on the market that could make an instant impact, it can be a quick win for many firms.

If you are planning to immediately replace the existing lighting of your workplace with the new one then call emergency electrician Northern Beaches.

There are various things that you need to be considered while upgrading the lighting system of your office.

  • Replace conventional lighting system with modern LEDs
  • Installing LEDs can decrease lighting costs by around 30-50%
  • Install smart lighting control units
  • Use an energy management system
  • Installing sensors to adjust artificial lighting inside the office on the basis of the natural light available can reduce electricity use by up to 40%

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