How Much Do Websites Earn in 2019

In this article, I will answer the question of how much do websites earn?. I’ll tell you the type of advertising, what methods you can use and how much you can earn from websites.

This guide is not about collecting money by adopting illegal ways. I will focus on the most popular and legal types of earning from websites.

Imagine, you already have a small website, for example, a cooking theme. You write a variety of articles, publish delicious recipes and hope to get at least some money from your website. I’ll help you with this.

So let’s start!

Types of Earnings

If you want to get the right answer about how much do websites earn, first you have to know the types of earnings you can make from websites.

1. Banner advertising

This is the graphic image displayed on your site as an advertising character. Banner advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising on the Internet. You can see this banner ads on the street as well as every second website over the Internet.

Banner Example:

banner example on forbes- how much do websites earn

banner example on forbes

How much do websites earn from banner advertising

The price of a banner is closely related to the topic of your website. The banner size also directly affects the price. The larger size it is, the more expensive it is. For example, if your topic is cooking, the price for 1000 impressions is $1 approximately.

If you have a highly specialized website that is even better suited to businesses, such as medicine, Forex, or car. The price per thousand impressions can be $2-3 or more.


Let suppose each user has an average of 2 pages views on the site. In other words, a user performs two considerations. Daily, 4,000 people visit your website. 4000 * 2 = 8000 views a day. 8000 * 30 days = 240,000 views per month. Now 240,000 views * 1 dollar = $180 per month.

Do not forget the banner on the site, you can put 2-3 pieces (no longer needed). The main difficulty with using banner monetization is that you need to find your own direct advertisers, make commercial offers, prove that your website is the best and that visitors stay longer with you.

Direct advertisers can make a very good income if properly present, but this should be closely monitored. Not suitable for beginners.

3. Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is text ads displayed in a special section of the website. Select ads based on your previous searches on search engines.

For example, if you search for “where to buy a good car” an hour ago, you may see advertising for cars almost all over the site. You can view contextual ads on Google sites (Google Adwords) and on the direct.Yandex website and as well as on regular websites.

How can you make money from contextual advertising

  • Sign in and add your website to the Yandex network.
  • After adding your site you need to create an ad unit in the code constructor.
  • Install the code on the website and start earning money.

Place a specific location on the website where your ads are shown. For example, you have three ad slots: before and after the article (if you have an article page or blog). One block should be placed inside the article under some important contents.


You can only receive money when your site visitor clicks on an ad. Your income depends on the number of people clicking on an ad.

At this point, A logical question, how much do websites earn with just one click? Suppose I have placed contextual advertising block, how much would I receive if a visitor clicked on the ad.

The answer is that the CPC (cost per click) depends directly on the topic you have chosen for your website. It also depends on the interest your visitor has previously visited your site or page. The average price of CPC can be 0.10 to 1 dollar.

Some topics CPC price can be 1 to 500 dollar or more than this!

Another question may be in your mind How many people click on an ad on average?

The estimated average, 3 clicks on the ads for 100 visitors. All clicks here depends heavily on where you place your ads on the CPM. If you place it at the bottom of the site, it will of course, be less noticeable and will not click on it.

But also I do not recommend to place ads everywhere such as before, after or inside the article. You have to keep in mind that people come to your website to get information, not to see ads. Search engine filter for spam advertising pages. You may lose location and traffic from search engines if your is overload with ads. 3-5 blocks per page are sufficient.

Suppose you have the same cooking niche and there are 3,000 visitors per day. If 3 visitors click on the ad out of 100 people, then out of 3000 it turns out 90.

90 clicks on * $0.079. = $7 per day. Quite good!🙂

It should be $214 per month. Also, keep in mind that traffic on the site changes dramatically during the week, usually at weekends. Traffic on the site is dropping and rising Monday to Tuesday.

3. Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a kind of cooperation with the seller, if the seller shares profits with you, you will make them available to the customer.

how much do websites earn with affiliate program

how much do websites earn with affiliate program

Example of affiliate program: If there is a website who sells books, laptops or mobiles. This website offers you that if you give me a customer and he buys a book from me, I will pay 30% of the purchase price. That makes sense, you and your affiliate company both get the profit.

There are many types of affiliate programs. You can promote Avia’s services and earn money by selling tickets. You can promote the services of the cosmetics company and achieve a certain percentage of sales. And you can advertise books in certain online stores, and their owners will pay you commissions.

Almost all major businesses, services, companies or courses have a “partner program”. No matter what website you have, you will find the right “affiliate program”.

How much do websites make from an affiliate program

Again, the price range is very large. There are hundreds of websites on the internet that will offer you to join as an affiliate partner. I’ll show an example of a very popular affiliate program information product (DVD, a training course that was popular not long ago).

Example: You still have a cooking niche with 1,000 visitors.

  • Look for online courses related to your topic.
  • Sign up there as an affiliate partner
  • In your personal account, you will receive a banner ad or a link with a unique identifier.
  • Place the banner or link on your website.

When a user clicks on a course banner on your website, go to their owner’s website and make a purchase. You will then receive a commission.


So the best. For example, the course fee is $50. The standard percentage of the commission – 30%. 50 * 25% = 15 dollar.

If someone saves the course by clicking on your link or banner, you will get it.

The more traffic you have on your site, the more people will buy the course or other products you promote.

4. Posting Articles

This method works for almost all websites and that’s it. You can play the FOREIGN promotional material published on your website.

As a result, the most popular companies send you an email suggesting placing their promotional items on your website.

For what?

  • Thanks to such promotional articles, people can promote their businesses, websites, and services.
  • Often the links in such articles have a good impact on the ratings of the advertised sites.

How do I determine the price at which I want to publish an article?

The process is very easy. Just find a similar website (your competitors) on the same Yandex, and find a page dedicated to advertising. Compare how much they cost on these services, then lower them.

The most important factor in evaluating the price of an ad article is the authority of your website or the amount of traffic you receive. Price also depends on the PageRank. The higher the PageRank, the higher the price of selling your ads.

How much do websites earn from posting articles

If a cooking website receives 1,000 visitors each day, the average price for posting 1 ad article is between 1 to 3 dollars. You can serve an average of 5 to 10 ad articles per month. Total: about $50 per month.

5. Paid Section

What does this mean? Let say you have some exclusive information. For example, “Super Grill Recipes”, how to buy a pan with 50% off or how you do not pay for kitchen gas. Yes, it does not matter, especially because you want to share interesting, new and important useful information.

You can create special paid sections on your website, blog or forum. Let people go there for a small fee. You can charge $ 5 – $100 depending on what you offer. For cooking websites, the price can be small.


For dessert, here we will calculate how much do websites earn.


Topic: Child / Home
Visitors: 3000 per day.
We will use all 5 methods to get the sum:

  1. Banner ad: $143
  2. Contextual advertising: $214
  3. Affiliate program: about 5 sales, $70
  4. Promotional items: $50
  5. Paid section: about 10 purchases, this is $ 50

Total: $527

Very good salary🙂

Do not flatter yourself, and do not think it as simple. First, you need to develop a website that is optimized for search engines. You must post unique items that match the payer’s salary. Also, you’ll need to pay for hosting and domain names, invest in promotions, and advertise in a variety of ways so your participation rate does not decrease but grows.

And God bless you, you will clean up half of the money. But nobody forbids you to create 10 such sites on different niche or topics.

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