How to Become a Millionaire Overnight| 1 Simple Trick!!

how to become a millionaire

I’m going to show you one simple trick to become a millionaire overnight, that’s right a millionaire overnight!!! one simple trick!!

Wait for it………….

So don’t you love a bit of a click wait yes? I hope you clicked on this expecting to be a millionaire overnight. Don’t worry that tip will come later and I’ll tell you all about how I became a millionaire overnight.

The weird thing is that the thumbnails and adverts or whatever you see they seem to work they must work otherwise they wouldn’t be out there all the time but you look at the views and you see that about 2 million people have clicked on this article telling them how to become a millionaire overnight.

They’re not usually quite as bad as this one about how to become a millionaire overnight but I’m hoping that people will realize that’s obvious clickbait and won’t click on it expecting to be a millionaire overnight and in reality, I don’t think enough people watch my blog in the first place to get it up there to become a viral success or anything like that.

But what I want to talk about today is really goals and aspirations. And why do lots of people want to become a millionaire and you might be thinking this is supposed to be a creative blog. I will get to that later and it will all make sense I promise.

So I have actually clicked on these links in the past you see them in your sort of recommendations down the side you think how to become a millionaire in three simple steps or whatever it might be.

I click on it and I think ok sometimes they have some good advice but generally speaking its clickbait but what is it that made me want to click on that link and why did I in the past.

So many other people want to become millionaires. These clickbait titles often have a fast car a really big mansion or maybe someone sitting by a beach somewhere in some really exotic place. Those things seem very tempting and really exciting to strive for.

But I want you to try this quick test now so if you had a billion pounds dollars whatever it might be that your currency is and assuming that it’s dollars because everybody understands dollars.

So if you had a billion dollars what would you do with it? Have a quick think.

So there’s bound to be lots of different opinions out there but a lot of time the common one that’s going to come up is a big house, a big mansion of violent island somewhere and live on that may be a fast car is in there somewhere.

So you are going to need a big island to drive your car around the copter. I’ll get a helicopter loved the idea of being on a beach and this really sunny go for a swim, all sounds very good!!!

But my question at this point is then what? then what do you do?

Once you’ve bought loads of stuff the novelty wears off. Have you noticed that when you buy something new you’re really excited? It doesn’t take long before that novelty wears off and it becomes just an ordinary thing.

I think there’s so much more to human beings than the stuff we buy. We want to be part of a group, we want to be wanted by other people, we want to be needed so the fast cars the big house and everything like that becomes pretty boring and mundane compared to human interactions generally speaking.

So if you’re anything like me and you probably are: because you’re reading this article and we talk about creative stuff particularly 3d.

Well, you might be thinking I might make a game and put some money into creating a game or maybe you make a movie or something or a movie slash game.

I think for many people when they answer that question they get overall the helicopter and Beach and fast car stuff then they really start to think about what they actually want in life.

Let’s say money was no object you could do whatever you want what would you do? I think finding out what that is that you want to do and then following that course and going on that journey that’s a real success.

Now many of you might be thinking you’re absolutely crazy that’s impossible we can’t all follow our dreams like that. I understand where you’re coming from.

So as I came to the end of my school life and I wanted to get a career I thought there’s three things that I need out of a career.

It can be a combination of them or any singular one of these.

  • The first is to make loads of money then I don’t need to worry about anything ever again
  • The second one was to really enjoy what I do then every day I get up I’m doing what I love so life is brilliant
  • And the third one is to really make an impact or a difference in other people’s lives

I think the third one is probably the most aspirational to live by and perhaps that’s where we should all be heading. But I think the first one of making loads of money I’m really going against that now because I do notice lots of people who work really really hard but that seems to be their life.

They’ve kind of put life to one side so they can work really hard and make lots of money or maybe manage to support their lifestyle that it is at the moment. It may be that some of those people haven’t got a particularly high paid job

They just have to work really hard just to support themselves and yes there will be some people in those jobs who are kind of trapped in those jobs because they have to support their family and it must be very tough for them.

But I’m just trying to get across my point of view, do we need to keep working and working in dead-end jobs or can you think about something that you’d rather be doing and work towards that.

Maybe do everything you can to work yourself into that direction. I’m not saying just give up everything and go across and follow your dreams it does take time and it takes a bit of planning as well.

But do follow your dreams and maybe think about the reasons that you’re still in that job and what’s holding you to it.

I know a guy that’s really working hard because he wants to send his kids to boarding school so he’s working really really hard getting really stressed. He’s got quite a difficult working life balance and home life balance and he really isn’t getting on well with his kids because of all this stress that he’s under.

I think that person really needs to think about his relationship with his kids rather than thinking about working harder. So he can send them away and the reason I say this is that often we look for a monetary solution as if that’s going to solve our problems that’s what this person is doing.

So if you are in a job that you don’t like then try as much as you can to work in the evenings to focus on getting out of that job and into something that’s more suited to you.

Again, I know that’s easy for me to say in my position because I’m lucky enough to have found that nice job that I like but I wasn’t always in this job.

When I did my university degree it was in media studies. We didn’t have a 3d modelling or games design degree and I would have much rather taken that before I went to university.

I worked in the pig factory and paper factory and they were horrible places to work in. And you’d be on a production line moving one thing from there to there or I’d be chopping up ham in this pig factory in it.

I’d go home stinking my clothes be horribly covered in this sort of pig slime and at that time it did feel kind of hopeless and that’s when I thought I’ve got to move on. I’ve got to go somewhere and I was lucky enough to be able to take a degree and lucky enough to have parents to support me in doing that.

But for many people, I wouldn’t recommend going on a degree course. There’s enough out there just on YouTube that you can learn a career from.

So going back to those three things.

There’s making a massive difference in someone else’s life so maybe being a charity worker or maybe even a secondary school teacher in a tough school I wouldn’t recommend it because it was really hard and I got out pretty quick.

But those people can feel really good about themselves that stick at those jobs, work hard for other people. Well done to you then of course there’s doing what you really love and that’s the dream I’m following at the moment.

I’m really enjoying it there is of course that first one about making loads of money and I’m going much further against that idea.

I really don’t think it makes sense unless you’re that sort of entrepreneur who loves making money then fair enough that’s your dream.

You’re kind of meeting the second objective anyway try not to step on the third where you’re actually pushing people down in order to make your money though but if you’re in that first one trying to make loads of money and all you’re doing is working really hard desperately trying to become a millionaire then you probably need to rethink, is this really where you want your life to be?

What will you actually do when you get all that money? It’s actually extremely unlikely that you’re able to get to that level.

For many people, they’re just maintaining this strange lifestyle of going to work. coming home, going to work, coming home. Being really shattered working extremely long hours to try and earn that extra bit of cash to buy some more things maybe for their kids.

So maybe that’s a great thing until you get to see much of your kids. If you’re working that much so my one simple trick to becoming a millionaire overnight is to actually change your focus and find something more fulfilling in your life.

I feel sometimes that I’m one of the richest people. I know I’m very much where I want to be in life every now and again I think wouldn’t it be great to have a million pounds.

So I’m going to try really hard on my blog. So how can I get more traffic. There’s a few things that I’d really like to buy. I’d like a new computer with a great graphics card in it.

So I can sculpt without it lagging ever inhabit. But I can’t really justify these things and I need to find better ways of using what I have currently in a more effective way and Here I am writing this article that’s probably going to be read about 5464 times.

I think is roughly what I get on average for these sort of articles that I do but I’m really loving it. This is great fun to me. I love sharing my opinions and finding out other people’s opinions. So make sure you comment.

So in terms of a creative lifestyle, I’m living the dream. I’m certainly not learning lots of money doing it but I really feel like I’m successful in what I do.

So what are your goals and aspirations? What sort of career do you want and can you turn your hobbies and interest into a career?

Think to yourself what would you do if you had a billion pounds and once you’ve spent it all on the helicopter and can you actually start doing that now rather than leading a million pounds to do that thing.

Again I’m going to say make sure you have a bit of a plan. Don’t just scrap everything and go I’m going follow my dreams it will probably take you time to adapt to learn that you need to learn in order to change career paths.

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