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How to Develop Communication Skills – Top Secret Point

Any sector associated with our lives is worthless for us until we understand our brain mechanism properly. The human brain is a very strange thing.

It makes you a donkey if you do not understand it properly.😄

But if you understand it, the secret that opens first, it is that the treasures of the Lord are not below the throne and the earth, but it is within the piece of this flesh(brain). The quantity of these treasures is so much that man can barely understand all life only as a needle. The way to reach these treasures is called brain mechanism. That is called, the working processor of the brain. In this post, I will prove the top secret point of brain mechanism and the best way to develop your communication skills.

how to develop communication skills with brain mechanism
how to develop communication skills with brain mechanism

How to Develop Communication Skills

You will agree that 80% of the world’s people have earned by words. Their career is the basis of words. They have the best ways to communicate. Their words have the ability to make the audience an emotional hostage. They are fully aware of the art of bringing hundreds of people into a beautiful imagination. Have you ever thought why they are like this? Why do not you know the Emperor Mood Art? You are very educated, yet why do not you find explosives in your thoughts about the words. Even your valuable things seem to be unusual.

Why do not you finally become the best speaker? If you want to understand the brain’s speaking analyzing mechanism, or you want to be the best speaker. Or if you are a YouTuber and want your words to be fascinated, then this article is just for you.

You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart. John Ford

“Speaking with pauses and cuts can affect the one in front of you”.

If we apply this phrase, we can get wonderful changes in our lives. This phrase is not just a phrase, but is a door of such discovery behind which the interesting things of the mental mysteries were waiting for the wise people for centuries.

how to develop communication skills and impress others
Speaking with pauses and cuts is the key to communication skills

There are thousands of memories in the human being like seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling, and emotions. There are some memories inside human beings that still have a hypothesis like black holes in the space. This means that humans are completely like a memory chip. And this chip is controlled by three basic memories of the brain,  primary memory, short term memory, and long term memory.

When any type of information is entered into the mind,  hundreds of brain’s network examines this information in a thousandth of a second. Then the brain breaks the information completely like the sand, before saving it in memory. It breaks the information in the way like the file converts into PNG. The brain does this for the reason that it has to create new ideas and imagination by altering the information received by it.

For example, if the boss abuses the employer, this is a piece of received information. Now the employer is dragging the boss into his imagination and bow him on his feet, this is the new configuration process by the brain of the received information. It means, the brain first breaks the information completely into different pieces and then make new imagination from these pieces. If the brain does not work like this then neither you can think nor dream, even we can not speak. Those who are less mindful has the same problem that their brain does not manage the memory properly.

So speaking with pauses is a secret point of communication skills. The world’s number one speaker and the king of words grip the same point and work hard to shine their art.

You have understood the Brain Mechanism that it spaces and cuts all the information which gives full understanding of the information reaches to the human consciousness and generates new imagination.

The information that reaches through hearing part(ear) is of two types, “space able dialogue”, and “nonspace able dialogue”.

In Space able dialogue information, there are many cut points and pauses in a single sentence. When a sentence reaches to the processing unit of brain, it is exactly in accordance with the brain mechanism. The brain does not have to make spaces and cuts in it. It reaches directly to the conscious, subconscious, and decision making cells by breaking into pieces. Since these sentences are based on small spaces and cuts, therefore, the power of griping them into the human brain increases.

how to develop communication skills

Similarly, during the time of Brain Washing, creating a special kind of cuts and pauses in sentences, masters control brain and body consciousness with great skill. While mysterious science like telepathy and hypnotism has real perfection due to a special kind of cuts and pauses. And behind the power of hearing,  the brain mechanism generates power due to special phrases and pauses.

There is another type of information available through the power of hearing is non-space able dialogue. Speaking in this kind of information, the speaker tells the whole line in a single sentence. When it reaches the processing point of the brain, then the human brain has not the ability to make cut and spaces in a suitable place. The brain can not properly manage this kind of information, and the listeners not only feeling bored but also does not understand anything. Because as long as the brain understands a line, and passes it from the emotion, many more lines reach the brain, causing a stirring and internal chaos. The brain refers to such sentences as a burden. And we have a lot of people talking like this and speaks the whole sentence throughout the same breath during the conversation.

How to develop communication skills with suitable cuts
How to develop communication skills with suitable cuts

All the world’s successful speakers follow this brain mechanism and walk on the same procedure. In which a single sentence directly walks through the windows of mind and blows upon the heights of consciousness.

Remember that every person cannot follow this mechanism because it needs a good practice. It’s not easy to create spaces and cuts in every sentence,  and then imperceptive changes in accent.

It is a mysterious way to control the brain, where telepathy, hypnotism, brain-washing, and a universal revolutionary movement can be created. A movement whose workers can die, but cannot step back by its commitment.

There is no complete victory on this brain mechanism, but if you bring a special type of pauses in your sentences, and get acquainted with this type, remember even your general conversation will become very special. People’s feelings will be in your hands. And in your words, it would be solemn that unless you are speaking, no argument can disturb your audience.


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