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How To Increase Website Conversion Rate For More Sales and Profit

Website and Conversion Optimization For More Money

You can make the best sale on your website. Have you ever gone to a supermarket without having cash with you? maybe not. Currently, you can do this with Amazon Go, but there is also a billing system that you have to communicate with. Unfortunately, there are websites that exist without visible contact data or purchase processes.

The previous year, one of my customers launched a new website that was relatively better than the previous one, but the booking system was still unavailable in that site.

Conversion optimization is not without reason its own field of expertise. In order to increase the conversion rate, many big companies like Amazon and continuously invest money and time in making tests. As a single fighter, it is less likely to make money by multivariate testing, A / B testing, real client testing, and eye tracking.

During tests, to make it significant each test needs to get a critical amount of visitors and conversions. If a website is new and gets a small number of daily visitors, large testing is scarcely possible. That’s why in this article I am going to explain to you how you can increase the website conversion rate. Some tests may be good for website conversion rate, but it is conditional.

The Most Important Factors You Should Keep in Mind

It is necessary that your website structure should be clear, understandable, and uncomplicated. Your website goal should be clear, whether you are planning to build a new website or revising the old one. What are the key points for a successful website that give more profit and expected money?.

What Does a Conversion Mean?

Conversion is just a target or a step you take for your site. This can be a buying, a download, a call of a particular page, a request or just taking necessary steps to get your target. You can increase your website conversion rate if you understand a conversion value and its importance to you. Increasing the conversion rate of a webshop is comparatively easier. The goal is normally the direct sale.

You can track the number of sales directly from Google Analytics. If you mostly provide your services or products on the phone, the very key conversion will generally be a phone call, a request by email, chatting over the web, using a form, or any other communication channel. Basically, you can measure and know everything that happens on your website. It will require a bit more effort, If you want to track the submitted queries, and use of live chat, etc.

Measure Calls

Taking calls are little more difficult. If the visitor of your site reaches to the mobile or landline number and dials that number(that you have displayed), you can not track it. You can only do this by call tracking. Instead of a general telephone number, call tracking displays various phone numbers, depending on which page the visitor is currently on, from which channel he/she came to the website, or which offer he likes. You can only select these individually while tracking, but you can not simply integrate or combine these parts. Each contact number is designated for a particular condition.

You can find many companies that offer this kind of call tracking solutions. If you have the same goal to increase your conversion rate and maximize the sales, the use of this kind of system makes sense for a certain period of time.

Between Variant

If you have not displayed your phone number on every page, but only listed it on a specific, for example, on a contact page, you can only track the call of this page as a soft conversion. Certainly, this is not your target, but at least you’ll know who is reaching this page.

Actually, at the same time, your clients can face difficulties to contact you. If your contact number is displayed only on a specific page, the website conversion rate will be lower. Therefore, this method is only good for if you want to track for a limited time period.

How to Measure Calls For Future Period?

In the 20th century, the use of mobile for internet purposes is increasing day by day. This also made easier tracking. Certainly, if a user presses a button or link displayed on your site to call you directly, that’s measurable.

But still, we cannot measure the content and length of the phone calls. Here’s the hassle, while you keep track of the content and quality of telephone inquiries with times and dates. For example, it is difficult to evaluate the real performance in a common Excel spreadsheet or a Google Drive Sheet.

The Principal Elements of Your Website

Every page that you have created for your site has a specific target. If not many goals but at least one. It depends on the customer’s purchasing process, which softens the goal.

Mostly the target of a category page of a site is to proceed the clients to an appropriate product page. The visitor has to click on a product page link. The clients will get more information and details about the product when they get to the product page. The purpose of these pages is to bring the visitor into the buying process (to put a product in the shopping cart).

If you are really interested to increase the conversion rate of your website, just think of your site doing as a salesman – just like a high-end store does. In case of a general store when the customer enters the store, the response is different. Every time, he/she askes more question because a good salesman satisfies him through his best answers. That should be the goal of your website. In this case to find the best structure, put yourself in the position of your customers. And ask yourself these questions, What are you looking for in which phase? What answers and information do you need and what is the next step?.

Review your every page, observe which page your visitor mostly engage in, what information he is looking, and what next step will take him closer to his needs.

Competitive Analysis

Remember that do not think about your competitor. You should not do the same as your competitor do. Because it’s not about your competitor but it’s about standards that what your target audience expects.

A website is well-known for booking holiday parks, apartments, and hotels, etc. This is one the best website among the visitors because it’s navigation and booking process is very easy. They optimize their site for the coversion rate regular.

Although if you are new and you can not work at this level as a small holiday park, but at least you should try to offer a similar uncomplicated system. No doubt the call option, search filter boxes, and page length do not belong to this category. But still, you will see them on many small company websites or website for tourist information.

What are The Elements That can Increase Conversion Rate of Website?

Following are some elements that definitely can increase the conversion rate of your website.

Information / Content

Display information on your site in such a way that fits the exact part of the buying process. Make sure to communicate the added value of the offer with the customer instead of the features of the product. Try to give the best and satisfying answer to your customer of the most important question”What’s in it for ME?”.

Social Availability

Man is only a herd animal. Convince your current customer that this product has already helped other clients,  they are more likely to believe in the added value and actually buy it.

Many well-known websites show their Social availability by displaying ratings and text boxes ratings. These ratings and text boxes will show to your customer that “8 people have chosen this product today”, or: “180 people are currently viewing at this hotel”. Besides Social Availability, the principle “Scarcity” (shortage) also applies here.

Set the testimonials and Reviews with your every product. Those companies that are offering energy roof renovations, a testimonial from someone who had repaired a gutter would be out of place.

You can filter out your best clients in this way. Full testimonials from your ideal customers are likely to appeal to just such people. Remember to provide high-quality products or services, so the customers do not give a negative review.

Doubts and Fears Meet

Do not offer very expensive services because this will make your customer doubtful. Make them satisfied with:


Social Proof

Case Studies

Ratings and Testimonials

Seal of Approval and Certifications


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