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Small Steps For Big Weight Loss

When women want to lose weight, they often think they have to make huge changes in their lives. The most effective way to reduce weight and then stay slim is to gradually lose weight. If you try to change too much at once, it will be so stressed that you will most likely fail. So, if you want to lose weight and stay slim then start with small steps.

Change Your Diet

Remember, we are taking small steps here. You can not reach the goal of this path overnight, but it will take some time before you have changed your entire diet. So, what do you do first?

Start by eliminating unhealthy food or drink. Make it your goal not to eat this particular food this week … and the week after that. Then expand the list next week with another unhealthy food or beverage.
Once you decide to exclude unhealthy food or drinks from your diet, you must replace them with healthy food or you will be hungry.

So, gradually start eating healthier. For example, if you usually drink soda in the morning, replace the soda with a fruit smoothie. This is a much healthier alternative and you will also have more energy!

By eliminating just one unhealthy part of your diet, give your brain and body time to adapt to the changes. And with the weekly addition of a healthy food or drink, you give your brain and body the time to adapt to these changes without being overwhelmed at the same time.

Start Training

Most people know that much exercise is another, an important part of losing weight. The problem is that people train too fast and too much, which puts unnecessary strain on them and eventually gives up. That’s why you should not start with a huge workout routine right at the beginning.

Instead, you should start slowly. Start by visiting the gym for just one or two days a week. Use the machines of the studio that you enjoy and when they are tired, stop and quit.

Once you get used to exercising on a normal basis, you will start to feel better and that will be your motivation to keep going. You will also notice that the duration of your workout is getting longer and you are putting more and more effort into it.

If you go to your fitness training, you will enjoy your 20-minute visit to the gym. The opposite of this would be: if you decide to work out for at least an hour a day and you stop after 20 minutes, you will probably blame yourself. Just taking small steps at once will help you achieve your goal and become lean. Remember: “Slowly and steadily wins the race”.

How to Lose Weight in 5 Days By Eating Healthy Foods

You are what you eat. And, if you want to lose weight, then it depends on what food you eat. Believe it or not, there are foods that can help reduce the fat stores in your body.

Variety is the spice of life and also of your diet. Most of us always eat the same things because we know we like them and it’s easy. Now we challenge you to expand your culinary repertoire and find new flavors that will not only improve your nutritional base, but also your ability to burn more fat.

Fat Burning Foods

It must hurt to change your diet. In fact, you are changing your lifestyle, which pays off with lost fat and better health. Start with small changes and make it a new eating behavior that you follow in your life permanently.

Full Grain

White flour contains many carbohydrates. Eating a lot of foods made from them, like pasta and white bread, can boost your blood sugar. Then you eat of it means too much at once. Whole grains, on the other hand, are digested slower, so that the blood sugar is not driven up. It also takes longer to digest whole grains, so more calories are needed. Be sure to check food labels to make sure you always buy whole wheat with your cereal, bread, rice, and pasta.

Dried Beans

Beans are an excellent source of fiber and protein. The cheapest are the red kidney beans from the supermarket. You can also prepare purees and season to taste. Try adding a legume dish to your diet daily to reduce fat calories.


Milk provides the body with calcium for stronger bones. Skim milk also has calcium, so you do not have to drink whole milk.


This super veg is full of helpful nutrients for the body. Broccoli is naturally low in calories and it takes time to digest it.


Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the health of the heart and the immune system. The level of leptin in the body is lowered, so you can burn fat faster. Eating fish two or three times a week is better than an omega-3 supplement and it tastes good too.


Eat oatmeal for breakfast. This saturates and the body uses a lot of energy to digest it during the morning. If you really want to sweeten it, use honey or agave syrup. Whole grain oatmeal has more value than instant oatmeal with extra calories and sugar.

how to lose weight in 5 days
Break-Fast Plan How to lose weight in 5 days

These are a few of the foods that help you to burn more fat. Minimize unhealthy fats and eat lean meat or fish and vegetables.


how to lose weight in 5 days
How to lose weight in 5 days

Plan the below foods for breakfast.

  • Detox Smoothie
  • Energizing Oats
  • Love Pancakes
  • Eggs-cellent Breakfast
  • Snacks
  • Raw Foods

These foods should be plan for Luncht ime.

  • Superfood Salad
  • Spiralized Noodles
  • Colorful Crunch Salad
  • Sushi Rolls
  • Taste the Rainbow Salad

For dinner plan these foods

  • Phytochemicals such as tomatoes and carrots
  • Eat foods that contain minerals magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc
  • Heating foods
  • Vegetables

All of this food contains nutrient, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals that are required for fat burning.

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