How To Make Exhibition Stall Attractive

While designing an exhibition stand, the most crucial factors every exhibitor come across are graphic designs, messages, lights, colours of stand and flooring. But, there is one major factor that usually ignored by the exhibitors is booth layout.

An efficiently designed exhibition stand will attract various trade show visitors and invite them to explore more. If you want to design exhibition stand layout then use the following tips and avoid the common mistakes that are committed by most exhibitors. Have a look!

how to make exhibition stall attractive

how to make exhibition stall attractive

1. Open layout

To provide your visitors with an open layout, you should have a big exhibition stand and design it efficiently. Avoid placing tables inside the stand and allow clear space for visitors so that they can move easily inside your portable exhibition stand.

All the tables such as product display tables, refreshment tables and lounge area should be clearly displayed and easily accessible.

Avoid creating a mess at the entry point of your stand. The brochure desk and reception table should be placed near seating areas.

2. Maintain Clean Display

You exhibition stand layout should be clean and uncluttered. Placing some personal items in front of product display is annoying and make it hard for visitors to access the displays. Moreover, it creates the unprofessional look of your stand and acts as a big turn off for visitors.

In addition to this, avoid placing too many items on your stand because it may confuse your potential customers. Always try to maintain a clean, tidy and professional look.

3. Separate Different Regions Inside Your Stand

It is an optimum technique to avoid clutter in your exhibitions stand layout. Segregation of your space for different tasks will not just prevent your stand from any kind of a mess but also help your visitors to move freely inside your stand.

how to make exhibition stall attractive

how to make exhibition stall attractive

Design exhibition stands in such a way that a relaxing lounge or meeting area should be away from the main display region so that you can do chit-chat with your potential customers and bring fruitful results. Other spaces to consider separating include lounges, event areas, and product displays.

This separation concept is not just restricted up to stand layout but it is even helpful for graphic and text display. Separate regions will avoid the haphazard and let the process go on smoothly.

4. Use Efficient Lighting System

Most exhibitors ignore the importance of lighting system in the trade booth but it can play an important role to attract visitors by creating a welcoming atmosphere. It can set the right mood and positivity all around the exhibition stand.

With an efficient lighting system, you can highlight the important sections in your stand. For example, there may be some products in your stand that need extra attention, you can use different coloured lights to generate focus on them.

Do you know that there are three important elements that can easily catch the attention of trade show visitors? These elements are layout, graphics and lighting. All these elements together can transform your stand design into a stunning one.

5. Make your products Clearly visible

There are various regions inside your stand where you can display your products. You can place your products in the centre, at the corners or at the front of your display.

Display your products as per your stand layout and make sure that these are clearly visible to the trade show visitors.

how to make exhibition stall attractive

how to make exhibition stall attractive

The modular exhibition stand is perfect for efficient product displays. You can take help of professionals to design your exhibition stand with stunning layout.

6. Additional Space For Special Events

If you are planning for a special event inside your stand then you should leave some space for the event. It will help you to engage more people inside your booth and out of the aisles. You should leave some space for a stage, seating arrangement, or any marketing activities.

This will help you in conducting a successful event. Extra space is always useful even if you have not planned for any event.

If you receive a huge amount of visitors at your stand then this ample amount of will be really useful. Therefore, consider extra space before starting the stand designing process.

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