How To Put Ads On My Website And Get Paid

how to put ads on my website and get paid

To understand how to put ads on my website and get paid you need to learn the principle of earning. To understand this principle lets take the example of a site that publishes reviews of mobile phones.

Preferably, the displayed ads on this website will be related to mobile phones. It means the visitor of this website will see ads that compatible with his current interests, this kind of ad is called contextual advertising. This allows you to get target users and advertisers who are interested in the content of the advertised site.

At the same time, in contrast to the banner ad, if the advertiser is generally required to pay for the number of impressions of the banner, in the case of contextual advertising, payment will only be made for the actual move of the user to the advertiser’s website. The advertiser will pay you only if the visitor clicks on his ad published on your website.

This is a well-known way of advertising on the Internet. In this type of advertising, the advertiser pays only for specific people who have moved to his website. The contextual advertising is not only profitable for advertisers but also for publishers who place these ads on their websites.

How To Put Ads On My Website And Get Paid

You can advertise on your website and get paid by the companies. For you will need to put ads on your website in different sections.

RSS Feed

This contextual advertising orientation is already popular in many countries. Currently, mobile compatible websites and the availability of RSS feeds considered a good online website.

Different RSS feeds can be put together in a unique program and displayed to the visitor in a readable form. At the same time, the user follows the changes on the site from one place without visiting the website.

If he finds any of the notes of interest to him, he can go to the website and read the full text of the post. This is suitable, in demand, that nothing interfere with the publication of advertisements in RSS feeds.

Advertisement in the RSS feed is very important. To add advertisements you must have access to the website to change the code

If you are using RSS feed in your website and this is most possible, that you start publishing ads in it. There is no need to touch a core file while inserting ads in RSS feeds. You can do this by adding the below code into your functions.php file.

function insertAds($content) {
    $content = $content.'<hr /><a href="">How to put ads in Rss Feeds?</a><hr />';
    return $content;
add_filter('the_excerpt_rss', 'insertAds');
add_filter('the_content_rss', 'insertAds');

You are done!  Now your RSS feed will show the ads you chose.

Remember do not insert the irrelevant content or excessive codes into RSS feeds because it can damage your visitors.

Putting Video Ads In Your Website

Video advertising has become an important part of online presence. You can insert ads in a video hosting website, whether it contains a large number of videos or the user site to upload videos. This type of advertisement is displayed directly in the video player while watching a video.

So, have you a video website for tutorials or explainer video or a simple content website and want to add video ads in it. There are two ways to insert video ads in your website and monetize it for money making.

Displaying native video ads: There are a lot of best video networks by which you can improve your earnings like Outbrain and Nativo. They display rollover ads while a user browsing your content. There is a simple way to display these ads on your site.

All you need to do is integrate a javascript ad tag provided by your ad network where you signed up.

Displaying pre-roll and post-roll video ads: To display these types of ads, you must have some video content on your website. Because this way you will be able to get approved by the pre-roll video ad networks. Your site should contain an ad script and video player and you’ll need to integrate the ad script over the video player.

Simply sign up in any of the popular video ad networks and ask for the ad tag. They will review your site, once you get approved they provide you the complete details on how to add the provided video ad tag. You can then monetize it yourself.

Display Ads Over Images

You can also display ads over images on your website. It is most often used as a supplement to advertisements already installed on the website. Contextual advertising is relevant for sites that have a large number of images. For example, for sites with collections of clipart, wallpapers for desktop, photo hosting, etc.

Pop-up Advertising Inside The Text

There is a new type of advertising that only offers by some contextual advertising. This kind of advertising is put inside the text. When a visitor hovers the mouse over a particular word in the text that can usually be highlighted in color or in writing, a pop-up ad unit suddenly appears.

Pop-up advertising inside the text is a very interesting direction in contextual advertising. These ads do not affect the page speed. And they are not familiar to most of the user, the visitor cannot always understand that it is an advertisement.

But these ad units can be misleading because the highlighted letter is probably not related to the block itself. You can add ads manually to your site or by a plugin if you are running a WordPress website.

Get Paid With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods to make money fast. By simply promoting a product and refer it to your visitor you can earn a commission that may be from 30% to 50%.

Write a blog post about that product on your website and add an affiliate link simply with insert link option. When the user clicks on that link you have referred to, and purchase a product you won the money.

You can find the product on,, and clickbank to become an affiliate partner. They offer a deal.

Get Paid With Google Adsense

If you have good traffic on your website you can win a good amount of money from Google Adsense. These are the ads that show up on the top of the google search results.

Nowadays it is a little bit difficult to get approved your site for google adsense. But don’t worry if your site is good and contains a high-quality content you are approved immediately within a day. Once you are approved google will provide you a code. You need to add that code in your site.

Google will automatically display relevant advertisements on your site. For example, if your site is about health and diseases, it will show up ads about health.

Hope you get the answer about how to put ads on my website and get paid. If your answer is yes, my article was useful to you please comment below in the comment box and motivate me for more useful articles.

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