How to Relieve Tight Neck Muscles? Self-Massage and Stretching Exercises

Relaxation For the Neck

Exercise I

Stand on your feet in the supine position. Give your whole body relaxed to the ground. Let the lower jaw hang relaxed. Let the eyes sink into their caves. Gently roll your head over the back of your head to the left and right. Create an effortless, soft and flowing blend. Feel how your neck gradually loses its “persistence” and becomes free and permeable. The more you relax your mind and think about nothing, the better your neck can relax! Repeat this movement as long as you enjoy it, then let it swing out slowly. Feel while lying down.

Exercise II

Get into a comfortable, upright posture on the floor or a chair. Stretch out of your spine. Then let your head sink forwards – without the back rounding – and move your head to the right and left.
Right and left the neck, even if it hurts a bit.

Gentle Neck Stretching In The Shoulder Bridge

  • Put your legs up in the supine position. Inhale the pelvis and back, while simultaneously guiding the arms over the top to the back of the extension of the body.
    Stretch far back over the tips of your fingers as you exhale, covering the trunk to the floor. With the rest of the exhale, put your arms back next to your body.
  • Repeat this movement a few times to the rhythm of your breath.

Exercise Program For The Office

You can do all the exercises in the chair or standing – as a whole program or as a single exercise in between 10 to 15 minutes.

To stretch

Fold your hands, turn your palms down. Raise your arms straight as far as possible up and down without lifting your shoulders. Stretch with pleasure and extensively over one, sometimes over the other arm upwards.

how to relieve tight neck muscles in office

Relax the neck

Get into a comfortable, upright posture on the floor or on a chair. Stretch out of your spine. With your breath out, head far to the left without turning your shoulders. Relax for a moment in the stretching of the neck and shoulder (1). Inhale the head back to the middle and exhale to the right (2).

Repeat the movement a few times in the breathing rhythm.

how to relieve tight neck muscles in office

The cat sitting

On the chair from time to time, change the direction of rotation and the size and speed of the circles.

Then feel for a moment in the seat.

how to relieve tight neck muscles in office

A Free Wide Neck

Not only are the discs of the cervical spine thin, but also their vertebrae are much less thick and robust than further down the spine. For this reason, it is particularly susceptible to wear and tear. The cervical spine, in its function as a connection between chest cavity and head – and thus the brain – shows some peculiarities. Thus, the two transverse processes of the vertebrae open a hole through which an artery flows on each side, pumping blood from the heart to the base of the brain with its vital centers. If the neck is constantly compressed in the back of the neck or if the vertebrae have shifted, the bony canal loses its permeability, which suffers from the brain’s blood flow. Symptoms of such circulatory disorders include rapid fatigability, headache, and impaired vision and hearing.

However, most of the artery is under pressure through the pterygna where its two branches converge towards the middle and rise above the occipital to the brain. The forwardly displaced cervical spine causes the head, with its articular surfaces on the first cervical vertebra, the atlas, also to slide forward, thus closing the posterior part of the so-called upper head joint. To stretch the neck and open the top of the head, the spine must be rebalanced from below. In particular, the thoracic spine must be stretched and thus lifted the rib cage: This immediately pushes the neck a little backward, the neck lengthens and the chin sinks. For the neck to find support in this balance, we need strong muscles in the neck and upper back.

Very helpful is the idea to strive with the skull roof up and back whenever possible. Such an outgrowth makes the neck immediately more permeable and takes the tension out of the muscles.


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