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How To Train Your Brain To Make More Money

Today in this article we are going to talk about how to train your brain to make more money. Everything we do in our lives we do for one of two reasons to either avoid pain or to gain pleasure. If you are sabotaging yourself in any area and we’re gonna talk about this again and again it is simply because you believe at some level of your thinking, subconscious thinking if not conscious thinking that this situation that you’re getting involved in the accumulation of additional capital is going to lead to more pain than pleasure.

I know that sounds insane and crazy but I have to tell you it’s absolutely accurate in any person that I’ve studied who’s been living in financial Lack.

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In addition many people associate pleasure to having a lack of financial abundance because thinking about it when people really do well financially and they’re around their friends what happens?

My Personal Experience

Well, I can tell you from experience when I was really young. I really went for it 19 years old, had my own company, written up in newspapers and magazines wonderboy.

You remember me right ego exploding well sure enough. I was making all this money about $1,0000 a month, I was jazzed except I thought money was going to lead the pleasure.

I looked around us all the problems of my family. And I said to my family, I got the money I can eliminate those problems, I got a lot more fun. I can give to my friends and I’d go back to my friends and want to take him with me on a trip.

I want to go someplace and they were uncomfortable. In fact a lot of them started to judge me. All of a sudden some of them treated me harshly. Some of them made excuses. Some of them stopped going out to dinner with me. And some would say well you know I don’t have a home like yours. I said I don’t care but what began to happen is I began to think that having money didn’t mean the pleasure.

How Our Brains Work?

train your brain to make more money
Train your brain to make more money

I thought it was going to mean my brain started thinking up having a lot of money means that people reject you. People you care about aren’t comfortable with you. All of a sudden started feeling like an outcast. All of a sudden I started feeling all this pain and sure enough within a short period of time my brain on some level not consciously but subconsciously began to just destroy everything economically.

I already told you how I did it not showing up for key meetings right, treating people harshly, distracting myself through eating food, continuously watching television.

All those elements came up to destroy my finances and so we must remember how our brains work. They don’t work logically they work on what we associate to things.

How To Train Your Brain To Make More Money

How to train your brain to make more money
How to train your brain to make more money

So if we’re going to eliminate financial self-sabotage the answer is very simple. You’ve heard it over and over again and again you’ll read here from me and that is we must change our neural associations about money.

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We’ve got a change of our core beliefs. We’ve got to make sure that earning money is purely a positive and pleasurable experience for us and not one in our mind, it’s going to lead to pain.

Some people think, I’ll have to pay all these taxes and they don’t have the money and they’re worrying about the problem. No wonder they’ll never have any. Why are they already considering the negative aspects of having money.

The answer I believe is that for most people having an abundance of money is the unknown. In its experience they’ve never had before and people are basically afraid of the unknown. They know how it is right now they understand it. They understand the status quo and that’s fairly comfortable.

I might have a little bit of pain but the unknown! oh that’s really scary.

So I’ve found that most people fail to achieve what they want financially or sabotage themselves financially simply because they haven’t gotten himself ready for wealth. They have not conditioned themselves emotionally to have money. They have not developed the kinds of beliefs that would allow them to create an abundance of money and then continually expand that money as well.

Conditioning Your Mind

Condition and Train your Mind to Make More Money
Condition and Train your Mind to Make More Money

You remember the metaphor we talked about and we started this program that what we have to do to really succeed. We have to build up our ability. We have to condition ourselves just as we would physically. And you start with a little bit and you begin to work with it each day increasing the amounts until pretty soon what happens is you really develop the muscle. But you’ve got to be able to use it you got to condition your arms.

For example to be able to do curls. Well, you’re going to have to condition your mind and your emotions in order to be able to have an abundance of money and feel comfortable with it otherwise even though it’s something that’s very positive it may feel like a weight to you.

Could you just don’t how to deal with it so how do we first get beyond the sense of lack. How we first begin to create that wealth and then how do we keep ourselves from destroying it once the abundance starts to flow.

The way to really create the wealth that you want in your life start with a step number one

Free of Illusion

Free yourself from illusion and train your brain to make more money
Free yourself from illusion and train your brain to make more money

The way to get wealthy right now today is to free yourself from the illusion that you’re not already wealthy.

Now you would say what are you talking about man! I don’t have any money.

Listen, wealth is not just money. Wealth is an abundance of the things that you really desire in your life. Wealth is leverage that is the ability to have experiences that you have not personally controlled or generated.

What do I mean?

Well, you are wealthy you live in a country where there is abundance around you all the time and you own it just for living here.

I mean you own the public highways. You don’t have to pay anything for most of them across the country. You own many of these government buildings you can go in, they’re yours, you can use them anytime you want. Also You can go into a public library and get access to any book that’s ever been written virtually and it cost you nothing.

Think about it leverage in your life is everywhere. You didn’t have to go out and actually create your breakfast nor did you have to hunt down your dinner. These things have been done for you.

Yes, you paid for them. Yeah that’s true and it wasn’t on your back that the salt came out of mines so that you could put it on your food. You are truly wealthy. The level of abundance that you and I experience every single day no matter how much money we earn compared to the rest of the world is absolutely absurd.

Yet we walk around feeling like we have lack and see attracts like whatever you hold on a consistent basis in your mind is exactly what you’ll experience in your life.

Key To Become Wealthy

So the first key to becoming wealthy is to understand that you already are a wealthy. Now wanting to expand that I believe that’s healthy. Some people say well, is it really right to make more money? I mean if you’ve got a lot is it right?

Don’t ask your question if you’re intelligent, is it right for you to continue to want to expand and become smarter, is it right if you already close to your husband or wife to want it deep in that relationship even more. Is it right for you to want your children have even more to be happier, to be stronger, to have better relationships.

Is it right, no matter how close you feel to your Creator to want that bond to be even stronger and to strive for it, is that right I’ve got a question for you?

If you could have more in your life. If you could have more than should you. And if there are things you could do that create greater abundance in any area of your life then should you? And my answer to you is absolutely.

Final Thoughts

I think I shared with you earlier in this article that there was a point in my life where I thought gosh. If I have so much abundance and other people don’t there’s something wrong there, that’s unfair.

Every single one of us was born with opportunities were equal in our opportunities, were not equal in our decisions, were not equal in our education, were not equal and how much we demand from each other or from ourselves were not equal in our motivation.

We could choose to be, but most of us are not now. I know there’s the argument that, I grew up in the South Bronx, I grew up in a difficult part of town, I didn’t have the role models. I can certainly appreciate that a hundred percent I really do believe that there are many people in our society that don’t seem to start out with the same level of resources. No doubt about it. So my approach to that used to be.

Well, I really care about people that are have less than. I do care about people that are poor financially. In fact my strategy was the best way to help poor people’s. I’ll be one of them.

Well that’s not exactly the most intelligent approach instead what I decided to do was realize that no matter what someone’s resources were I didn’t have any either, I don’t have any great role models, I didn’t grow up wealthy not even middle-class and yet I was able to make the things work, because I pursued them.

No matter where I’ve looked in the country. No matter how horrible the environment. There are a few people from that environment that somehow have made it work for themselves mentally, emotionally, socially, spiritually, physically, and financially.

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