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This is an old debate that has begun with a new angle in New Pakistan. The public is not aware of this discussion because this debate is limited to the ministers of power. After recent tension in Pakistan and India, Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken some measures on which he is also being tributed not only in Pakistan but also in India, because these steps have improved Pakistan’s credibility in the world.

Pakistan is not only India but also the conspiracy of many other foreign countries and Israel is leading in these countries. Since the Indian air force’s attack in Jabha near Bala Kot, February 26, the information is being circulated in the global media that India used Israeli-made weapons in the attack.

Certified sources are also telling that India had planned a major attack on Pakistan along the way of Rajasthan along with Israel but secret secretaries of Pakistan got immediate notice of the attack and Pakistan conveyed this message to India It was said that if our land was attacked again, it would be answered very much and thus India was forced to stop thinking about attack.

In the context of this “Pakistan’s Allied Alliance” of India and Israel, Imran Khan being given advising that we should establish diplomatic relations with Israel to break the unity of India and Israel. Imran Khan was given this suggestion before 26 / February invasion and was also given on February 26 after the Indian invasion.

If the representatives of the organization of freedom of Palestine can negotiate with Israel, if there can be diplomatic relations with Egypt, Jordan and Turkey, then establish Pakistan diplomatic relations with Israel. This is how the unity of Israel and India will end against Pakistan. This advice is not seen in Israel but in Pakistan’s interest.

Imran Khan also suggested to accept this advice if he could be the hero of the entire West, but he had a simple answer to this advice. “I object it”.
The advisers say that Prime Minister Imran Khan should not be of heart but mind, but Imran Khan says that I can not support Israel’s cruelty on Palestinians. I do not doubt anything about the intentions of the advisers, but hearing the answer of Imran Khan, the heart was satisfied.

Imran Khan is not a politician in any pressure and fear. I criticized the politics of taking their autonomy seriously, but I hope they will not take the U-turn on the matter, because the matter of relationship with Israel has become more complex than ever.

Talking about relations with Israel was started in the era of General Zia-ul-Haq, when the US launched a “operation cyclone” with Pakistan to provide “arms to Mujahideen” who resisted the Russian forces in Afghanistan. Israel also got the services.

In 1988, when Benazir Bhutto came to power, he was advised to open an interaction with Israel. The advisers were a government employee. In this era Nasirullah Babar was the adviser of Ms. Benazir Bhutto. Babar came to know the conspiracy in this consultation, so the official employee mentioned was removed from his post. In 1990, this official employee joined the role of President Ghulam Ishaq Khan to play the role of Ms. Benazir Bhutto’s government.

Nawaz Sharif’s government came and he was also advised to “enjoin” Israel. In 1993, Ms. Benazir Bhutto became prime minister, then she was offered that if she accepted Israel, all the external loans of Pakistan could be forgiven. Yasir Arafat met his Geneva in 1994. He told Yasser Arafat, “I am told,” Why is it possible that Pakistan and Israel can not talk if PLO can negotiate with Israel? Yasser Arafat is buried. “We are being forced to kill and negotiate with Israel.” Israel is not ready to implement the UN resolutions and only by means of negotiations, we want to make our slaves. If Pakistan’s friendship with Israel, we will not be able to negotiate.

On the next day of this meeting, I interviewed Israeli Foreign Minister Shomon Perez in Davis, in which he expressed his desire for friendship with Pakistan, but the Benazir government broke the issue.

The open efforts of friendship with Israel began at the time of General Pervez Musharraf. If such an effort was made Nawaz Sharif or Ms. Benazir Bhutto, he would be obligatory. Musharraf’s government had no noise in the Parliament of Pakistan but with strong relations with the Israeli government, but remained silent about sharing treasury and disbelief certificates. It is clear that all the Pakistanis, including Imran Khan who are opposed to friendly relations with Israel, are not opposed to the relationship with the Jews. There is a difference between Jewish relations and relations with Israel.

Many Jews criticize Israel’s Palestinian policies. The way Israel has not implemented UN resolutions on Kashmir issue, Israel has consistently violated UN resolutions on Palestinians. In 2017, instead of Tel Abib, Israel announced Jerusalem (Jerusalem) to become its capital, which violates the UN resolutions. US announces to move its embassy in Jerusalem, can Pakistan set up its embassy in Jerusalem? Pakistan will strengthen Pakistan’s position on Kashmir after recognizing Israel or weakened?

On March 23, we celebrate Pakistan. On March 23, 1940, the All India Muslim League in Lahore approved a resolution in favor of Palestinian Muslims. In 1945, Quaid-e-Azam slammed “Shame Shame” against US President Truman in a Bombay-run ceremony, and said why he would not settle one million Jews in the US instead of settling in Palestine?

In 1947, Prime Minister David Bin Goren sent a telegram to Quaid-e-Azam that Israel should be recognized but Pakistan opposed Israel in the United Nations. The Muslim countries who rejected the opinion of the Israelites, acknowledged the extremists. Egypt is an example. Turkey established relations with Israel in 1949 but today the relations between the two countries are tense.

The relationship with Israel should not be seen only with India but in the standpoint of the Quaid-e-Azam on the issue of its unity. Palestinians and Kashmir have a deep connection. Imran Khan did not listen to the relationship with Israel but the decision maker is Parliament. In the closed rooms on this matter, there should be discussion in the open session of Parliament. We should not be cheated. Even after the relationship with Israel, the conspiracy against Pakistan will not end.

Real target is Pakistan’s nuclear program. Israel can become a friend of New Clearly Free Pakistan.

Hamid Mir

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