Is BrF5 Polar or Nonpolar

brf5 polar or nonpolar

Bromine Pentafluoride(BrF5) is the interhalogen compound and fluoride of bromine. The interhalogen compound is a molecule that consists of two or more halogen atoms such as bromine, iodine, fluorine, etc., but there are no element atoms in any other group.

The reagent of BrF5 is very strong fluorination, and it was prepared in 1931 by the reaction of fluorine and bromine. 

If you are wondering is BrF5 polar or nonpolar, then this article is especially for you. You will know all the facts about Bromine Pentafluoride in this article.

In the preparation of BrF5 smaller amount of potassium bromide is used.

Bromine Pentafluoride Formula:

The formula of Bromine Pentafluoride is BrF5.

Molecular Mass:

The molecular mass of BrF5 is 174.894 g/mol.

Is BrF5 Polar or Nonpolar

Bromine Pentafluoride(BrF5) is a polar molecule because the molecular geometry of BrF5 is square pyramidal with an asymmetric charge distribution and with a bong angle of 90°. The molecule has a central bromine atom surrounded by five fluorides and a pair of electrons. Check out the below picture to clarify your confusion further. The NF3 molecule has a 120° bond angle, which is high from BrF5.

Is BrF5 polar?
Bromine atom and five fluorides with one lone pair of electrons

The square pyramidal represents the number of balls stacked in a pyramid with square bottom corners. The square pyramidal is a molecular shape when the central atom has five bonds and one pair.

The polarity is best determined by, first of all, drawing the lewis dot structure for BrF5. After that, draw the 3D structure for BrF5 using VSEPR rules. Many people forget to draw the lone pair of electrons, so make sure to draw the lone pair of electrons.

With that, it’s also essential to know about the NO2+ and NF3 polarity.


Simple is that Bromine Pentafluoride(BrF5) is a polar molecule. If you want to know why BrF5 is a polar molecule, then read the above three paragraphs.

What Type Of Compound Is BrF5

Bromine pentafluoride (BrF5) has a colorless, fuming liquid with a pungent odor that stings the nose, especially of acidic or spicy substances.

The chemicals in the Bromine pentafluoride are toxic and stable, mostly similar to the chlorine trifluoride. The BrF5 is prepared by the reaction of bromine and fluorine at the temperature of 200 deg C.

Bromine Pentafluoride (BrF5) is corrosive to metals, and with water, it reacts explosively.


Bromine pentafluoride (BrF5) has a colorless, pungent odor.

Molecular Geometry Of BrF5

BrF5 Molecular Geometry And Bond Angles
Five fluorine and central bromine with lone pair of electrons

The molecular geometry of BrF5 is considered to be a square pyramid, each with a connection angle of 90°.

The smallest bong angle in BrF5 is 90°. If you are wondering how many 90 degrees angles are there in BrF5, then the simple is that there are no 90-degree angles in BrF5 because of the F−Br−F angle in the geometry and the lone pair of electrons in Br.

If I talk about the right angle bonds, there are no right angle bonds in the BrF5 because Bromine Pentafluoride(BrF5) with one lone and five bond pairs, so that geometry will be octahedral. 

angle of octahedral geometry
angle, example and shape of octahedral geometry

The octahedral geometry molecules refer to the shape of six atoms or a group of atoms arranged symmetrically around a central atom. The coordination number of octahedral is six, and the bond angle is 90°.

Example Of Octahedral:

SF6, Mo(CO)6


The molecular geometry of BrF5 is considered to be a square pyramid, each with a connection angle of 90°.

BrF5 Lewis Structure

In the BrF5 lewis structure, the total number of electrons is 42 that is found in the periodic table. Once we know the number of valence electrons in the BrF5 so after that, it’s easy to distribute them throughout the nuclear atom to achieve the goal of an outer shell of every atom.

The periodic table is a tabular matrix of chemical elements, arranged in atomic number order, from hydrogen, the part with the lowest atomic number, to the element with the highest atomic number—the lewis structure of BrF5 in a period of four in the periodic table and the atomic number of bromine is 35. 

If I talk about the uses of bromine, so bromine is used in many places such as insecticides, agricultural chemicals, and dyestuffs. 

The name bromine comes from the Greek word bromos which means stench.


To draw the BrF5 lewis dot structure watch the above video.

Hybridization Of BrF5

The hybridization of BrF5 is determined by the number of sigma bonds and lone pairs. The lone pairs are around iodine and sigma bonds formed between the F and Br.

There are seven valence electrons in the central atom iodine, and 5 electrons form 5 sigma bonds with the atoms F. The remaining 2 electrons form 1 lone pair. 

The hybridization of Bromine in the BrF5 is SP³d². Still, you are confused about how bromine hybridization become SP³d². It’s because they form five single bonds and one lone pair which is considered as sigma. So total sigma bonds become six. Therefore hybridization is SP³d².

Here are other reasons why hybridization of BrF5 is SP³d².

  • Br has five valence electrons that are covalently bonded to five fluorine atoms which means the molecular geometry will be octahedral hence they will follow hybridization of the octahedral molecule, Therefore BrF5 makes SP³d² hybridization.
  • As you can saw in the below picture, the bromine that is in the center is circled by six electron groups, one lone pair and five bonding pairs. In most cases, the number of electron groups around the central atom indicates hybridization of that atom.
What type of hybridized orbital is used by the central atom of BrF5
Br surrounded by six group of electrons

Two electron groups = sp hybridization

Three electron groups = sp² hybridization

Four electron groups = sp³ hybridization

Five electron groups = sp³d hybridization

Six electron groups = sp³d² hybridization

This is the reason why hybridization of BrF5 is SP³d².


Simple is that hybridization of BrF5 is SP³d².

Is BrF5 Ionic or Covalent

The bromine and fluorine both are non-metallic elements that’s why the bonds between bromine and fluorine atom are covalent. For that, it’s clear that BrF5 is covalent. The point group of Brf5 is C4v.


Simple is that BrF5 is covalent.

BrF5 Oxidation Number

The oxidation number or oxidation state of the bromine pentafluoride is 5.

Is BrF5 a Dipole Moment

Yes, NHF 2 has a dipole moment because there is one hydrogen and two fluorines and the nitrogen has lone pair of electrons that molecule is not symmetrical and dipole bonds of NHF 2 cannot cancel each other. The shape of the BrF5 is square pyramidal.


Simple is that NHF 2 has a dipole moment.

Properties Of BrF5

  • The appearance of the BrF5 is a pale yellow liquid.
  • The density of the BrF5 2.466 g/cm3 
  • BrF5 boiling point is 40.25 °C (104.45 °F; 313.40 K)
  • BrF5 melting point is −61.30 °C (−78.34 °F; 211.85 K)
  • They react with water.


Above are the five properties of BrF5.

Related Questions

Does BrF5 follow octet rule?

In BrF5 the bromine is a period four in the periodic table, which means it can hold more than eight valence electrons. That is called expanded octet which refers to the lewis structure where, like PCl5 or XeF4, the central atom ends with multiple bytes.

Why is BrF5 polar?

BrF5 is a polar molecule because the negative charge is unevenly distributed around the molecule. Since bromine (Br) is a halogen and it has seven valence electrons.

Is BrF5 planar?

No, the shape of the BrF5 is square pyramidal.

Final Thoughts

That was all about is BrF5 polar or non polar, I hope your confusion is clear about it that BrF5 is polar.

The reason why BrF5 is polar it’s because of square pyramidal shape with a bond angle of 90°, to understand everything properly read the above paragraphs.

If I talk about the compounds of BrF5, so they have a colorless, pungent odor.

I have also discussed the molecular geometry of BrF5 and octahedral with the proper example.

Don’t you have too much time to read the whole article? Read the summary of each paragraph and read the first two lines of every paragraph that will help you a lot to clear your confusion about BrF5.

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