Is NH4+ Polar or Nonpolar

nh4 polar or nonpolar

The ammonium ion (NH4+) is formed by transferring hydrogen ions from hydrogen chloride to the lone pair of electrons in the ammonia molecule.

The ammonium ion (NH4+) charge is positive, and it’s usually found in a different variety of salts, such as ammonium chloride and ammonium carbonate.

If I talk about solubility, so ammonium salt is soluble in water, but the ammonium salts of nitrate such as perchlorate are highly explosive.

If you are wondering that is NH+ polar or nonpolar, this article will help you clarify all your confusion.


The formula of ammonium ions is NH4+.


The molecular shape of ammonium ions (NH4+) is tetrahedral.

Is NH4+ Polar or Nonpolar

Explanation 1:

The ammonium ions (NH4+) is a nonpolar molecule because the structure of NH4+ is tetrahedral, and all the hydrogen atoms in NH4+ arranged symmetrically around the central nitrogen atom. However, this molecule has several polar characteristics because it is an ion and one missing electron in the central nitrogen atom.

Explanation 2:

The ammonium ions (NH4+) is a nonpolar molecule because all hydrogen is the same in the tetrahedral. Also, there is no reason that proton or hydrogen to be arranged differently, so they all are placed the same.

Explanation 3:

The ammonium ions (NH4+) is a nonpolar molecule. In a tetrahedral structure, all hydrogen atoms are arranged systematically, bonded to the nitrogen atom, and cancel out N-H polarity, resulting in NH4+ becoming nonpolar.

With that, it’s also essential to know about the BrF5, NF3, NO2+, and BrF5 polarity.


The above is the explanation of why NH4+ is a nonpolar molecule.

NH4+ Molecular Geometry

The shape of the NH4+ is tetrahedral. The total valence electrons in the NH4+ are eight, which contains 4 electrons, 4 hydrogens that occupy the tetrahedral corner. The bond pairs on the central atom become four, and the lone pairs are zero.

The total number of valence electrons is 9 in the NH4+, 5 electrons, and four hydrogens, but due to the positive charge (1+), they lost one electron, which becomes eight.

The ammonium ion’s shape is considered the same as the methane because the electrons’ arrangement in the methane and ammonium is the same.

This is the reason that ammonium and methane are both said to be isoelectronic. The isoelectronic is defined as when the atoms, molecules, and ions have the same number of valence electrons and the same structure.


Simple is that the shape of the NH4+ is tetrahedral.

NH4+ Lewis Structure

To draw the lewis structure of NH4+, read the below instructions.

  1. In the periodic table, nitrogen is in group 5, so the valence electrons in the nitrogen are five. In the periodic table, hydrogen is in the group in 1, and in NH4, we have four hydrogens, so let’s multiply it with four which becomes 5+1(4).
  2. If you saw a plus sign anywhere, it means that the loss of valence electrons, so it becomes 5+1(4)-1=8, which means we have a total of 8 valence electrons.
  3. The number of hydrogen is four which usually goes on the outside, and around the nitrogen.
  4. We have eight valence electrons, so you need to put 2,4,6, and 8. If you didn’t understand theoretically that how to draw the lewis structure of NH4+ then watch the below video.

Hybridization Of NH4+

The hybridization of ammonium ion (NH4+) is sp3 because nitrogen atom in ammonium has only four bonding orbitals. If you are confused about how the number of orbitals becomes four, then it’s simple that ammonia molecule has three sigma bonds and one lone pair of electron so 3+1+4.


Simple is that the hybridization of ammonium ion (NH4+) is sp3.

NH4+ Bond Angle

The bond angle of ammonium ion (NH4+) is 109.5 degrees, The bond angle of NH4+ is greater than NH3 because the arrangement of NH4+ is tetrahedral and the NH3 arrangement is different because three hydrogens surround the nitrogen. Since the position of the solitary pair is not as good as that of the unit pair, it takes up more space, which compresses the rest of the conformation and is less than the angle of the H-N-H unit in NH4 +.

So a lone pair is less localised rather than bonding pair, which takes more space and resulting H-N-H bond angle than in NH4+.


The bond angle of ammonium ion (NH4+) is 109.5 degrees.

Properties Of Ammonium Ion (NH4+)

  • The chemical formula of ammonium ion is NH4+.
  • The molar mass of the NH4+ is 18.039 g·mol−1.
  • Its molecular shape is tetrahedral.
  • The acidity of NH4+ is 9.25 PKA.


The above are properties of ammonium ions (NH4+).

Uses Of Ammonium Ions (NH4+)

  1. It is an important source of nitrogen for many plant species, but it’s also toxic for most crop species.
  2. The NH4+ is produced by different industries and used in agriculture as a fertilizer.
  3. It’s used for the purification of water supplies.
  4. The compound ammonium is used in the manufacture of plastic.


Above are the few uses of ammonium ions (NH4+).

Is NH4+ Or NH3 Stronger

The NH3 is stronger than NH4+ because oxygen is more electronegative than nitrogen if the acid is weaker so it will have a more substantial conjugate base.

The base of the NH3 is strong because of smaller atomic size and lone pairs electrons on nitrogen.


Simple is that NH3 is stronger then NH4+

Is NH4+ Basic Or Acidic?

The NH4+ is acidic according to the Bronsted-Lowry theory because it can donate the proton to the other species like hydroxide ion or water. According to Lewis’s theory, NH4+ is neither basic nor acidic because they don’t have any room to receive the electron pairs, and also there is not a single pair of donated electrons.


Simple is that NH4+ acidic according to Bronsted-Lowry Theory and nor basic or acidic according to Lewis theory.

NH4+ Dipole Moment

The dipole moment of NH4+ is zero because the N-H bonds arrange symmetrically, For that dipole get canceled out each other which resulting in a non-polar molecule.

The dipole moment usually occurs when there is a separation of charge. The dipole moment can appear between two ions of an ionic bond or between atoms of a covalent bond.

Do you know that dipole moment is very important? Because dipole moment tells us where the electrons in a molecule are. The molecular dipole is also important for many properties such as boiling point and melting point etc.


Simple is that NH4+ dipole moment is zero.

Related Questions

Is it safe to clean with ammonia?

Yes, ammonia is safe for cleaning, it’s usually best for cleaning floors, microwave, and oven with burned-on food. It’s also useful to clean mirror and glass. If I talk about the price, so it’s considered is very cheap instead of other cleaners.

How do you identify nh4+?

If you want to identify ammonium ions, then you can identify it by adding dilute sodium hydroxide solution and heat it gently. If it converted it to ammonia gas, so it means ammonium ions are present. Also, you can recognize ammonium ions from choking smell.

Is nh4+ A Salt?

Yes, NH4+ have nontoxic salt.

Final Thoughts

That was all about is NH4+ polar or nonpolar. I hope it’s now clear to you that ammonium ions (NH4+) is nonpolar.

I have explained in details above that why NH4+ is nonpolar If I talk about the shape of the NH4+, so it’s tetrahedral.

The valence electrons in the NH4+ is eight, To draw the lewis structure of NH4+ watch the above video or read the above instructions.

The hybridization of ammonium ion (NH4+) is sp3, and bond angle is 109.5 degrees.

Do you think we have missed something about the NH4+ topic? Let us know in the comments section below we will update the article.

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