Is NO2+ Polar or Nonpolar

NO2+ Molecular Geometry

Are you wondering is N02+ polar or nonpolar? Before going to the main topic, read the below introduction of nitronium ion (NO2+).

The nitronium ion (NO2+) is the particle, atom, or molecule of the ion with a net electrical charge. If the atom or group of atoms gain or more electrons, they will give a negative charge; otherwise, if the atom or group of atoms lost one or more electrons, they will generate a negative, positive charge.

Due to the 1+ charge and the tetravalent nitrogen atom, NO2+ has an onium ion. 

The NO2+ is created by removing an electron from the paramagnetic nitrogen dioxide molecule of nitric acid with the removal of water( H2O).

Nitronium ion (NO2+) Stable enough to survive under normal conditions, but usually reactive.


The formula of the Nitronium ion is NO2+.

Molar Mass:

The molar mass of the Nitronium ion (NO2+) is 46.005 g·mol−1.

Is NO2+ Polar or Nonpolar

Explanation 1:

Nitronium ion (NO2+) is a nonpolar molecule because of its linear structure. The linear structure cancels out opposing dipole forces. The result is that the molecule has no permanent partial charge.

Explanation 2:

Nitronium ion (NO2+) is a nonpolar molecule because the structure of NO2+ is linear geometrical. For that, the polarity of opposite no bonds are destroyed while forming nonpolar NO2 + ions.

Explanation 3:

Nitronium ion (NO2+) is a nonpolar molecule because the molecule deposit two N-O bonds are polar. Since there is no electron pair in the central N atom, NO2 + has a linear shape, which cancels out the positive and negative charges generated in the molecule and sets the liquid’s dipole to zero.

The NF3 is polar because NF3 has a lewis structure and BrF5 is also polar because the molecular geometry of BrF5 is square pyramidal.


I have explained above why NO2+ is a nonpolar molecule. Some students don’t understand it properly. That’s why I have described it in three different ideas and wording. One of them in the above paragraph will be easy for you.

NO2+ Compound Name

The addition of one electron forms neutral nitrosyl radical NO2. It is very stable and is called composite nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide is a highly reactive gas such as oxides of nitrogen or nitrogen oxides.

The nitrogen oxides are formed from O2 and N2 during high-temperature combustion of fuel in the car.

Nitrogen oxide gas is very poisonous that may kill or injury a person, just like chlorine gas. This gas can cause heart failure because it’s easily absorbed through the lungs.


Dioxide nitrogen (1+) is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide (NO2) is a Very toxic gas.

NO2+ Molecular Geometry

What is no2+ molecular geometry? NO2 is a bent molecule, but if you remove the electron from it, they make it NO2+. Once it loses the lone electron so due to losing the lone electron, the molecules become linear. With NO2 +, there is no repulsion between the two O atoms and one electron in the central atom.

A molecule in which two adjacent bonds are not co-located has a bent molecular geometry. Those atoms such as oxygen always have two or more covalent bonds in a non-collinear direction due to their electronic structure.

The molecule is bent
Shape of bent molecule

The bong angle of the bent molecule is 90°<θ<120°. 

Example Of Bent Molecule:

H2O, SO2


Simple is that NO2 is a bent molecule.

NO2+ Lewis Structure

To draw the lewis structure of NO2+, follow these steps. If you didn’t understand the steps, then watch the below video that will help you draw the lewis structure of NO2+ easily.

Step 1:

  • First of all, you need to select the central atom N, which is the less electronegative. After that, you need to connect the N with the atoms O using a single bond, as shown in the figure.
O on sides and n in the center
N in center

Step 2:

  • If I talk about the NO2+, it consists of three atoms, Where V = (6 + 5 + 6) – 1, which becomes 16. Therefore, P = 6n + 2 – V = 6 * 3 + 2 – 16 = 4
  • Therefore, NO2 + has four electrons (pi electrons), and it is necessary to add two double bonds to the structure of stage 1.

Step 3:

The two double bonds between N and O are added to the structure in step 1. You can add a triple bond between N and O. Add an isolated pair of electrons so that there is 1 byte of electrons around each atom. All resonance structures corresponding to NO2 + are created by moving electron pairs. The Lewis structure of NO2 + is given below.

Step 4:

follow the octet rules.
Resonance structure

Hybridization Of NO2+

The hybridization of NO2+ is SP because NO2+ forms two bonds, and the molecule has four external electrons. Two enter the hybrid orbital, which creates a sigma bond. The remaining two orbitals form a pi bond. 

The two hybridized orbitals = sp1

Hybridization is the concept of mixing atomic orbitals into new hybrid orbitals suitable for pairing electrons and forming a chemical bond.


The hybridization of NO2+ is s and one p orbital.

NO2+ Bond Angle

Sulfur difluoride, SF2, is an AX2E2 species and has an angle of 98 degrees. Nitrogen dioxide, NO2, is an AX2E species and has a bond angle of 134 degrees.


There is no repulsion between the O atom and the central atom in NO2+.

Properties of Nitronium ion (NO2+)

  • The molar mass of NO2+ is 46.005 g·mol−1.
  • It is soluble in non-polar solvents and insoluble in polar solvents, The example of non-polar solvent is benzene, carbon tetrachloride, etc. and example, polar solvents is water, ammonia, etc.
  • NO2+ gas is very toxic, and it can lead to human death.
  • Because of the nitrogen atom has a +1 charge, it has a high electronic affinity and is used as an electrophoresis reagent in the titration process.


Above is the properties of NO2+.

Uses of Nitronium ion (NO2+)

  1. It is used as an electrophile in the nitration process.
  2. NO2+ is used in the preparation of fertilizer such as slurry, worm castings, peat etc.
  3. It is used in the preparation of several commercially available salts, such as fluorinated nitrile (NO2F) and nitrile chloride (NO2Cl).


The above three is the uses of NO2+, but it’s widely used as an electrophile in the nitration process.

Why Is NO2+ An Electrophile

Here is the reason why NO2+ is as an electrophile, Electrophile has the species that are electron loving. Therefore, they usually have a positive charge and do not have an isolated pair. The Electrophile accepts the pair of electrons and forms a new covalent bond.


The Nucleophiles is different from electrophile because it provides a pair of electrons to form a chemical bond associated with the reaction.

Related Questions

What is the bond order in no2+?

The bond order in NO2+ is 2.

How is no2+ formed?

The NO2+ is created by removing electrons from paramagnetic nitrogen dioxide molecules or by protonating nitric acid (removing H2O).

How many resonance structures does no2+ have?

There are two main resonance structures for NO2.

Final Thoughts

That was all about is NO2+ polar or non polar, I hope now it’s clear to you that NO2+ is a non-polar molecule.

The NO2+ is a bent molecule, not linear.

If you want to draw the lewis structure of NO2+, you can draw it easily by following the above steps and watching the above video.

The hybridization of NO2+ is s and one p orbital, and the structure of nitronium ion is linear with the bond angle of 180°.

Do you think we have missed anything about NO2+ topic? Let us know in the comments section below I will add them.

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