This is not Michael Jackson I knew, Mark Lister

British actress Mark Lister defended his late friend on the release of the new ”Leaving Neverland documentary ” about the famous pop star Michael Jackson and said that he is ‘disturbed’ by this documentary.

In this new documentary of the Broadcasting Channel and the American Channel HBO, James Saif Chuck and Wade Robinson have accused the late King of Pop that Michael Jackson targeted abusive childhood.

Speaking to the British Broadcasting ITV, Mark Lester said, “It’s not Michael Jackson that I knew for more than 30 years.” This is not the person who knew my child. ‘
Lester said it was for spreading the documentary ‘sensation’ and it will be old news in three to four weeks and people will forget it.

The British actor added that he has never seen Michael Jackson doing such a way or attitude.

‘I was the Goddess of his children and he was of my children. I tried to see this documentary with an open mind. And what I think about Michael in my mind did not change every single thing. ‘

Dan Red, director of ”Leaving Neverland”, denied the allegations that the purpose of documentary makers is financial benefit.

Michael Jackson’s family, however, denied the allegations and said that this film has been made for ‘only and only financial interests’.

The King of Pop State has filed a complaint against Channel Four co-producer US Channel HBO and said that the amount of compensation will exceed $ 100 million.

Robinson and James Saif Chuck, the accuser said that their goal is justice and they are not behind the money.

Following the release of ‘Leaving Neverland documentary’, several radio stations have boycotted Michael Jackson’s songs and Fans on the social media where Michael Jackson has been criticized. Many users have also been entitled totes and Instagram posts.


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