Pak India nuclear war is possible, New York Times

The American newspaper New York Times has expressed concerns in its editorial that it is impossible to break nuclear war between Pakistan and India.

One of the most popular US newspapers, the New York Times, wrote in its editorial statement that the army of both the countries is ready on the boundaries and the dialogue between the governments is not equal.
The newspaper has clarified that the situation between the two countries, which fought 3 wars in the 70 years could worsen.

The army of two countries is ready, but the dialogue between the governments is unchanged, while Narendra Modi is giving rise to Hindu nationalism by talking against Pakistan.

The editorial said it was said that Prime Minister, Imran Khan, who returned the Indian pilot, was seen as a good act, has given Narendra Modi an opportunity to increase stress.

The newspaper says that since the Palwama attack, Pakistan still has a decline in tension, but it is not a solution to a relatively shortage problem.

According to the New York Times, the situation will not be unexpected unless Pakistan and India do not solve the main dispute of occupied Kashmir.

In the editorial, it is said that till the decision of the occupied Kashmir, both the countries will face a terrible situation.

The New York Times also advocated a global role to eliminate Pak-India tension and clarified that the long-lasting solution without global pressure, the threat of nuclear war will continue.

The newspaper recalls that US President Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama, played a crucial role in reducing India’s tension in 1999, 2000, and 2002, but the Trump Administration said the stress reduction Nothing more than giving a statement.

The editorial said that the Trump does not seem to be a mediator to eliminate India’s tension, as the Trump has put America’s tilt against Pakistan and towards India.

According to the editorial, the Indian policy is increasing by militancy in the near future of the United Nations, the resolution of the problem should be discussed between Pakistan, India and Kashmir.


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