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Renting Out Your House For The First Time

Make money from seasonal renting

Do you have an attractive housing by its location and its charm? Are you looking for a complete guide on renting out your house for the first time? then do not hesitate and enjoy the phenomenon that is on the rise.

The seasonal rentals first characteristic is to establish a “complementary” income and not a professional or remunerative activity.

Seasonal rental is based on short-term which may be from one night to several weeks. A customer always rent a completely furnished and equipped accommodation for a limited period of time in advance from their arrival to departure time.

According to the law, the maximum duration of stay is 90 days but does not impose a minimum duration. However, in some cases, it is allowed to exceed this limit because in certain regions the tourist season is much longer.

Renting Your House For The First Time To Make Enough Money

India is an attractive and beautiful country for foreigners throughout the year. This country is also attractive for local and non-local especially in summer. It is important for your rental business that many people may show their interest in your accommodation during the season. Remember that tourists are more interested in renting accommodation rather than a hotel, because it is much more authentic and comfortable. That’s why you have a reason for good income during seasonal renting.

You can rent out your house for the first time by an amazing offer. By this way, you’ll obviously amortize and absorb expenses, to pay credits and taxes and to build a good amount of money for your own vacation.

The human aspect is also important. By welcoming new visitors to your house and have some interaction with them you can improve your knowledge and probably they’ll leave you with memories of intense exchanges and many stories to tell!.

Those people who offer their main house for rent, do so in a much more punctual way and of course, they enjoy their own holidays by having a good income. Some do not hesitate to say, like Jismeen, a 25-year-old student: “Every time I run out of money, I go to my boyfriend and rent my studio. It must be said that the market is buoyant!

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Are There Any Standards Imposed By Law For Renting Seasonal?

Yes, there are minimum standards to be met, but they are much less strict than those of conventional long-term rentals.

  • Housing must be sufficiently furnished to allow tenants to live normally and comfortably.
  • The housing must be “decent and secure”: “decent” housing means a dry and healthy housing, built and equipped with materials and furniture without risk to health.
  • Safety standards must be respected, especially if there is a swimming pool in the dwelling with a suitable and approved system. The electrical outlets must be safe, and the height of the railings adapted to the children and to the possible risks.
  • A smoke detector must be installed.

What Do I Risk If I Rent More Than 90 Consecutive Days?

Everything depends on the point of view we adopt from the legal point of view, no fear of prosecution. On the other hand, if the rental period is long, and if several other criteria are met, the administration can reconsider the nature of the lease. For example, the court may decide that this is the tenant’s principal residence. Thus, it can stay in places after the planned release date because the rules are not the same for a conventional or seasonal rental. You will then have to issue a holiday to the tenant in good and due form – unlike the seasonal rental where the housing is actually released, without any procedure, on the scheduled date.

Also, if you are renting for more than 3 months, and if you have doubts, ask the future tenant for details by noting all his contact details, and make sure that he has a principal residence.

Are There Administrative Steps You Should Take?

While renting your house for the first time If the lease concerns your principal residence, that is to say if you occupy it for more than eight months or year, you have no steps to take. But beware, if you rent it too often, it may no longer be considered your primary residence.

If your accommodation is located in a tourist area, you must apply a tax of stay to your tenants and return it to the municipality. As for hotels, it is due per person and per night: you are free to integrate it into the price of the rental or bill it in addition.

How To Prepare The Attractive Announcement To Make Big Money From Your House

Be Honest

Of course, we must highlight what makes the attraction and the main assets of your home.

When writing your rental ad, avoid drowning in superlative adjectives. Describe your home in the most complete way possible: the contract is based on the text and photos of the ad.

Moreover, as evidenced by many tenants and travelers, it is best not to lie, even by omission, in your ad. Specify that it is a top floor without elevator, with magnificent views of the river. The truth and possible defects of your home are better accepted if the tenant is already informed. He may well accept the presence of a cat and the need to feed him. He may even find it amusing, but he will not see things in the same way if he finds out at arrival that you have a capricious cat that he has to deal with.

Similarly, if you offer a bed for three persons, specify that the third person will sleep on a sofa bed or on an extra bed in the living room. It’s not the same as having a large bed and a single room at your disposal. No question of “trapping” your future tenants!

Put Yourself In The Shoes of Your Future Tenants

Do a search as if you were a vacationer and decide on the checkboxes based on the amenities your home has. Look after the text to highlight the equipment. You can include details in the description of the part concerned. For example: for the kitchen, indicate if the appliance is new, recent, branded, if the fridge is American, if you offer a provision of cleaning and basic products, etc.

Keep an eye on your ad and the site: there may be changes in search patterns periodically and you will need to adjust your ad to reflect any changes.

The Art of Taking Beautiful Pictures

One of the key points of success when renting out your house for the first time is the publication of good photos that show your accommodation in its best light. It will make vacationers settle in your home for rental.

If none of your friends or family members are famous for the quality of their photos, then the best is to hire a professional. Moreover, many sites will offer you the free assistance of a professional photographer.

Otherwise, apply these rules gathered from specialists who will help you improve your photos.

  • For resolution, take photos at least 1024 x 683 pixels, or with the highest resolution possible.
  • Take daytime photos, preferably when a large sun floods your apartment.
  • Choose as the main photo the one that shows the biggest asset of your home, the one that “dream”: a beautiful sunset, the view of the sea or the Eiffel Tower, or your cozy room.
  • The front pictures are the most important, they are the ones that catch the reader.
  • Almost all sites offer you to caption your photos, do not hesitate.
  • Put your interior scene: store, arrange, place a cushion, a bouquet of flowers, put the cover. Everything is good to live your decor.
  • Do not forget the outside of your home, especially if it is a secondary house or apartment. A terrace, a garden, a swimming pool, or arbors, are major assets to absolutely put forward.
  • Watch out for framing, brightness, and color contrasts. Feel free to try several times, the game is well worth the effort.

Writing The Ad

You have little room and you must choose your words, each comma and each space counts. Use excessive adjectives sparingly and feel free to use other ads on the site to find the words that work best for you. For example, if the highlight of your offer is the location, it is imperative that it appears in the title; if it’s sight, do not forget to mention it; if it’s about peace and nature too!. Put yourself in the place of applicants, readers of your ad and think about what they are looking for a rental in town, for summer holidays with access to the sea or a body of water, etc.

Do Not Go Through The Network of Criteria and Filters

Essential information to catalog and reference your ad is:

  • maximum accommodation capacity
  • equipment
  • period of availability
  • the price
  • the terms of payment

If most of the time, the advertisers manage rather correctly the setting online of the tariffs, terms of payment and information relating to the capacity of reception, they detail less the equipment which offers their lodging. Also, check carefully that the listed equipment allows you to pass the preliminary selection stage and appear in the search result.

Highlight The Visual Assets of Your Home

It is essential that tourists in search of accommodation can have an image of what you offer concretely. The vast majority of sites do not limit you in number of photos. Also, be as wide and accurate as possible by taking a picture of each room in your home and, if your property has an outside asset ( for example, a garden or a view) show this aspect of your home imperatively.

Write a small text description and nice seller, not to mention interesting and rewarding explanations. Always remember to meet the wishes and expectations of a vacationer trying to put yourself in his place.

How To Fix The Price?

Yes, of course, price is very important to discuss here, and you must be familiar with price fixing if you are renting out your house for the first time.

Follow the below stages and criteria to fix the price for your seasonal rental house.

  • Start with small market research to evaluate the price set for rentals more or less similar to yours.
  • Set the first number that is an average of the different offers.
  • Adjust it to be slightly lower than the average to constitute an attractive offer against the competition. We agree: it’s better to aim for and reach an occupancy rate of twenty-five nights at 80 euros rather than fifteen to 100 euros, is not it?
  • Plan a price for the high season and a price for the low season. Some sites offer four or five different rates depending on the season low, medium, high, very high. In my opinion, it complicates the deal and makes pricing more difficult to understand. Internet users sometimes have trouble accepting that the rates change midweek, etc.
  • Be fairly flexible on prices and offer a discount for a last minute request, or for long periods, or for bookings made a long time in advance.

You can set a price per night and per person, or per week, or for the entire month. It all depends on your particular situation. For example, in the city, it may be wise to offer your accommodation for the night. On the other hand, for a seaside or vacation rental, you can offer it only for the week. Do not forget to take into account the high, medium and low seasons, for example, the price is not the same during the Festival, in August, or in November.

Once the advertisement is online, make yourself available to quickly answer any questions that may be asked and consider updating the schedule of availability and unavailability of your rental.


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