Should I buy a tungsten ring?

Make a Great Fashion Statement by Opting for Tungsten Rings

Tungsten rings are gaining immense popularity and are an ideal alternative over regular traditional titanium, platinum, or gold rings. These rings are developed by merging powered carbon (black) and Tungsten which is then heated at extreme temperatures. At first, you may think that Tungsten rings are somewhat similar to steel in appearance.

However, these rings are scratch-resistant and relatively heavier. For better appeal and unique appearance, you can even merge these rings with other metals and get a blue or black tungsten ring. Besides, you can also combine Tungsten with other metals to get a better look.

What are the benefits of Tungsten rings?

You can reap several benefits when it comes to Tungsten rings like:

  • To start with, a major benefit is that you do not have to polish Tungsten rings regularly as the original polish of the ring lasts for many years.
  • Secondly, these rings are extremely strong which is what is why they do not warp, break or reshape. Moreover, black tungsten ring is also highly tarnish-resistant and do not get easily scratched. It is because of these amazing factors that Tungsten rings are popular among men.
  • Nickel is used as the binder while making Tungsten rings which thus makes these bands a perfect choice for people who are allergic. A great choice for people suffering from allergies would be blue tungsten ring is because this and nearly all Tungsten rings are hypoallergenic.
  • Tungsten rings are much more cost-effective and cheap than compared to rings created using precious metals. Tungsten rings cost just a few hundred dollars while the cost of rings made of metals like gold, platinum start at more than $100.

Where can you buy Tungsten rings?

It is significant to point out that not many physical jewelry stores offer Tungsten rings. And, the ones who do have them don’t offer unique designs and good quality. This is why, to get the best results, its best to check online, where you will be able to find several stores offering new design Tungsten rings. These rings are definitely worth the money you spend if you wish to have something unique which suits your personality.

Moreover, when buying blue tungsten ring, it’s imperative to stay cautious of imitations which are created using a combination of cobalt Tungsten over Tungsten carbide. Thought the imitations look just the same as the real ring and cost nearly the same, these are not long lasting. Additionally, these also may cause allergies or itchiness. Also, make sure you find out the binder which is used in the ring.


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