Siding Or Windows First? Which One is Good For Better Life Style

It can be a big dilemma when having your windows installed — Siding or windows first which you should go with? The answers can be quite mixed, depending on the situation you have.

Siding Or Windows First?

You should opt to do them both together. Having the window installed with the siding makes the capping to fit perfectly with the siding. Capping is vital as it protects your interior of the walls from water and moisture. If done hastily, it can cause the water to infiltrate the interior of the walls causing water damage during rains and wet seasons.

Window installation Spokane WA should be done with precaution. Handling the glass window is no easy task. You can easily break it if you are careless. It is preferred not to make this task a DIY project and hire a professional contractor for this job.

On surveying Spokane, WA, there were numerous accounts of people messing up their windows and ended up reducing their overall energy efficiency. With that out of the way. We will be discussing some points which come into play during the installation of the windows.


Windows are capped with a material usually made of aluminum. It is a protective layer that prevents moisture from seeping into the interior walls of the house. It is very delicate and can be easily damaged during the removal process.

When the old window is to be replaced, naturally the siding will come off first and then the window. When removing the siding, the capping will be damaged. So, you would have to recap it. If you decide to replace the siding first and then the windows, then the removal of the siding will damage the siding and capping needs to be done. Your professional siding contractor will usually advise against installing the siding first.

Later, when you decide to install a new window, the siding will need to be removed to add the window which will ultimately damage the capping. This means if you go for siding first then window, it will cost you double siding and also cause damage to the new siding.

Another problem that you will face is the moisture barrier goes behind the siding. This means the new siding will need to be butchered to add the moisture barrier onto the windows.

Siding Or Windows First? Which One is Good for Better Life Style
Siding Or Windows First? Which One is Good for Better LifeStyle


If you do not have the budget to get both the siding and the window installed together, then you should opt to go for the windows first. The capping and the moisture barrier will be efficiently placed with the window, and the old siding will be added again. If the siding is really in bad shape, you can hire affordable siding services which will provide you a cost-effective solution to your problem.

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Having visible siding that is pulling off the frame could lead to a more severe problem in the future. It can lead to rotting boards, increasing your energy costs and leaking moisture in your interior walls will cost you a lot more. So, judge the situation and plan accordingly.


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