Signs Of A Possessive Man You Would Never Want To Overlook

signs of a possessive man encourages healthy relationships that thrive on mutual respect, healthy boundaries and trust. Being able to identify the signs of a possessive man before it is too late to escape the relationship is critical to your well being.

Signs of A Possessive Man

A healthy amount of possessiveness is a relationship is not an issue. It is natural to feel possessive or have your partner be possessive of you. Unhealthy possessive behavior in men usually ends in disastrous consequences including abusive tendencies. Once you are in the grips of a possessive man it is incredibly difficult to leave. Possessive, jealous behavior that starts early in a relationship is a huge red flag and should never be overlooked.


This sign of a possessive man is difficult to identify. Trust issues seem to go hand in hand with dating nowadays. With so many people being cheated on and with the ease of hookups through apps and social media, it is understandable that some jealousy would be present. When a man’s jealous behavior exceeds the boundaries of what is considered normal you should become wary. Hanging out with your male friends should not send your partner into a jealous rage.

He Tries To Control What You Wear

Jealous, possessive man will try to make your dress in a certain way. They will insist that you cover up even though they were attracted to your previous dress code. Remember that a possessive man has trust issues. He will believe that you showing any skin means that you are advertising your availability to other men. He will become suspicious of your intentions. This kind of behavior usually manifests when the relationship has already become abusive.

Him Above Everyone Else

He will expect you to choose him over everything and everyone else in your life. Possessive man will usually use emotionally and mentally abusive behavior to manipulate you into prioritizing them. In their minds, you are a possession that they own and they just don’t care about anyone else in your life unless it serves their purpose.


It is one of the signs of a possessive man. A possessive man will stop you from seeing your friends. You will not be permitted to talk about your relationship with anyone. His issues would have convinced him that by talking about your relationship, someone might convince you that his abusive possessive is not normal and you will leave.

Checking In

Perhaps one of the most dangerous traits of a jealous, possessive man is that they expect you to constantly check-in. His constant phone calls and texts may have been sweet in the beginning but it will eventually escalate. Not answering the calls or texts or being slow to respond will almost certainly end in a temper tantrum. If you are in an abusive relationship it will probably mean a beating.

Above are the common signs of a possessive man. If you find these in your man that he is showing you owe it to yourself to get out of the relationship. A jealous, possessive man will not change. Their behavior will almost always escalate and you will find yourself in deep trouble before you even know it.

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