Five Steps on How to be happy

Every year of 20 March we celebrate this day as an International Day of Pleasure. This article is about happiness, if you do not feel happy, there is nothing to worry, I am here to teach you some best steps on how to be happy.

As a musician and a player always learn constantly to improve and get success in life, you can get training to stay happy.

Laurie Santos, Professor of Psychiatrist and Cognitive Science at the Yale University of the United States, said, “happiness is not something to get it immediately, it is necessary to work hard to improve.”

Laurie Santos is definitely able to tell how we can get rid of grief. Her class ‘Psychology and the Good Life‘ is the most popular class in the 317 years of Yale University and 1200 people have enrolled, which is a new record.

She says, ‘Science has proved that a conscious effort is needed to be happy.’ It’s not easy and it takes time but it is possible.

Five Steps on How to Be Happy

Get more and better sleep

steps on how to be happy
Sleeping eight hours help you to be happy

It is necessary that the sleep should be completed every eight hours and regularly for the whole week.

According to Santos, adopting this simple habit may be the most difficult.

She also added, ‘These are probably stupid but we know that by sleeping more and better, you do not have depression and help in adopting a positive attitude.

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Make a list of Thanksgiving days

steps on how to be happy
Steps on How to Be Happy

The Laurie Santos has asked her disciples to make a list of everything at every night, for which they are grateful. It will be called their thankful list.

Professor Santos said, “It sounds very simple to hear it, but we have seen that students who regularly practice this list of Thanksgiving, they are really happier”.


steps on how to be happy Meditation
Meditation- Steps on how to be happy

Every 10 minutes should be mediated.

Professor Laurie Santos says at the student age, she felt better due to regular meditation.

Now she is a professor and refers to various researches and investigations to her students, that prove that meditation and other activities like this also engage in their attention and help people to be happy.

Low use of social media while emphasizing real relationships

steps on how to be happy with real relationship
Steps on How to be happy with real relationship

According to Laurie Santos, ‘Social Media gives us a false feeling of happiness and it is very important that we do not go astray with this false nature.’

Recent research shows that people who use too much of social media especially Instagram are relatively less happy than those who are relatively less use of social media.

Spend more time with your friends and family members

steps on how to be happy 
spend more time with your friends and family
Steps on how to be happy – (Spend more time with your friends and family)

Laurie Santos says, many new kinds of research have been made, which has proved that man is happier by spending more time with friends and family.

Taking time with the people we love and establishing healthy mutual relations with them will be very useful for our health and prosperity.

Professor Laurie Santos also said it does not need to work so much, just make sure that ‘the moment you are in, live with full happy. And keep in mind that you are spending time with your loved ones, so how to spend this time Give it a special look. ‘

The concept of time is very important for happiness. “We sometimes add money to wealth,” Professor Santos says, “According to research, it is the close connection to the wealth that how much time we have.”

So it shows:

If you really want to enjoy a pleasant life, first of all, work with thanksgiving, complete sleep in the night, clean your mind with any pressure, just associate with the people you like. Stop using social media for some time.

If these exercises can work for Yale students, it may also useful for you.


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