Top Unsolved Mysteries Stories & History Facts, Which Shook The World

I welcome you to the top unsolved mysteries stories and facts of history that you will never forget.

Top Unsolved Mysteries Stories

America is a mysterious country on the existence of the world. There is no doubt that this is the place from which the Antichrist forces are controlling the whole world. Whether the mystery of area 51 or Bermuda Triangle, Alien’s appearance or strange changes in the weather, all these mysterious spectacles happen on the American soil.

The whole world’s politics, states, and the economy are somehow connected to these devil places. The new world order is in mind to control the entire world through the mind-making system. While using science and technology and such thousands of books are being used to establish the devil’s empire. The annual revenue of these horizontal forces is $ 20 billion.

In addition to this, there is no Muslim country except Turkey, whoae annual income is more than $4 billion. And many of the Islamic countries are those who earn only $ 2 billion compared to $ 20 billion. While a large part of this very small income goes into debt with the interest to these forces.

Well, these forces are the ocean of the sky, but one part of these oceans is the most shocking.

The future is one of the secrets of the Lord. What will happen tomorrow? A normal human being can not know this.

But if a person claims about someone that he will die by Heart Attack tomorrow, or tomorrow the earthquake will come, and your building will fall. So sure that person is in touch with either Merciful God or the Devil.

And this post is about some of the mysterious characters who have written the future in that way as it seems that they have come from the future.

Titanic Crash

It was April 1912,  in the Atlantic Ocean, a ship left for its first trip. The founder of this ship removed all the lifeboats saying, that this ship is no longer needed for life-saving boats. Because now even God can not drown it too. This ship knew with Titanic in the newspapers of Europe, left on his first journey. Moving over the Atlantic Ocean the Titanic was heading towards her destination. Suddenly iceberg came into the front of Titanic and what happened after that, it told the world that there is a caste who breaks the finger of those who raise it against him. And makes it a lesson for the world.

Titanic’s crash was a tremendous reality for Europe. But I was surprised when I saw a novel “Futility” of an American author Morgan Robertson written before 14 years of that crash. The same oceans,  the same month of April, the same owner who challenged the God and the same ship which collapse with a sea rock. This is the novel story.

Unsolved Mysteries Stories about Titanic Crash
Unsolved Mysteries Stories About Titanic Crash

According to the novel story, a ship called S.S. Titan begins its journey on the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the first week of April. The ship’s owner removes all lifeboats from the crew, saying, “Now it can not be drowned even by God,” and according to the novel story of SS Titan, the ship destroyed by one iceberg at the same place, where 14 Years later, Titan’s crash came true.

The whole world is surprised that is it just a coincident?

Apollo Mission 11

Who is not familiar with Apollo Mission. This is the mission,  in which three space astronauts was sat in a spacecraft name Apollo in 1969. And to the United States said that they reached the moon and set the American flag on the land of the moon.

Unsolved Mysteries Stories
Unsolved Mysteries Stories – Apollo Mission mystery

100 years ago, a novel “From the earth to the moon” was written in 1865, which was written by the Jules Verne. And this was written before a century to the Apollo 11 mission. In this novel three astronauts sitting in a Spacecraft name Apollo, leaving to the moon.

Dear readers, you will be surprised knowing that the names of these three astronauts were the same to those who born after 100 years.

The whole is surprised is it just a coincident?

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Incident

Ladies and gentlemen hearing the Atom bomb’s name reflect the ruined land of Japan’s two city Hero Shima Nagaki. The US aircraft are seen leaving back after stuck the last nail in the coffin of humanity.

Unsolved Mysteries Stories - heroshima Nagasaki Mystery
Unsolved Mysteries Stories – Hiroshima Nagasaki Mystery

25 years ago from this incident, a British writer H.G. Wells wrote a novel “The World Set Free”, as he mentioned a bomb which is enough for the whole city, and after its blast, no one will survive in the city. According to the story, an unknown country tries this bomb on two cities, and later on, these two cities were from Japan and the unknown country was America.

The whole world is surprised that is it just a coincident?

911 Attack

Who does not know about the 9/11 attack? This is the incident by which America destroyed millions of Muslim’s soil. Destroyed the Muslim Economy and its geographical borders. But surprisingly, it was already secretly recorded at the American dollar.

Unsolved Mysteries Stories - 9/11 Attack Mystery
Unsolved Mysteries Stories – 9/11 Attack Mystery

These were unsolved mysteries stories that were related to the books that after some time the world saw the truth with their eyes.

Is this a new world order?  Was this predetermined?

Many such questions are moving around you. Express your valuable feedback in the comment box.


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