136 kg Weight Loss Woman by Abandoning A Common Habit

weight loss success story before and after (2)

At the beginning of 2016, weighing the weight of the American lady Lexy Red was about 220kg and his condition was very bad.

But by abandoning one common habit, his life changed.

A Great Weight Loss Success Story Before and After

Lexi Red told in various Instagram posts “I used to weigh more than childhood,” But I never felt so much weight. A time came when I got 220 kilograms of weight and I was making at least 6 thousand calorie ingredients every day.” I never thought of cooking, but I used to eat fast food several times a day, I like fried foods, so my plate always had fat food.

She said that breakfast, lunch and dinner every time, while at the other times, I used to eat biscuit, soft drinks and similar things.

But when she reached 220 kg, the physical condition worsened, and she decided to change herself in January 2016, to make a change in his life.

And this change was to leave the fast food and use cooked foods in the home while dismissing soft drinks.

She also made his usual exercise for 5 days a week, and started a gym after some time.

She had taken some time, but soon she became accustomed to his new and healthy lifestyle, and obesity also began to decline.

She cooked eggs, lunch, and salads in the lunch while eating chicken sandwiches and sweets daily in the night, and taking almonds for a while hunger.

With all these changes, she succeeded in reducing weight of 136kg in 2 years, but still, she feel it needs to be further reduced.

She said that along with her diet and exercise, a few small things are also accepting, such as keeping the mobile phone in the other corner of the room, So in order to close alarm early in the morning, she has to go there.

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However, after weight loss, she is facing a problem of hanging out quickly and she plans to remove it from surgery.

This weight loss success story of Lexy Red, has also made a star on Instagram where her followers have exceeded the number of millions.

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