What is the Secrete of Buying Paintings?

I think we’ve all had that moment where you feel as certain horniness for an artwork.

Why Should You Buy?

It’s always about the link to the theme in your life and how it fits into your own ideological and aesthetic identity. If you’re buying for decorative purposes great just make sure you’re buying the right piece don’t just buy something that’s going look pretty.

You can also buy something as meaningful that can grow in value over time.

Where Should You Start?

The key lesson in the art world is see see see…. The more you see the more you train your visual acuity, the more you start to understand the messages that Hideo sinc receives of the art.

The more the work speaks to you the more you can distinguish between good work by the artists, a bad work by the artist.

If you want to go deep into one artist try and see them at the very epicenter of their creativity. Go to the studio the ultimate luxury in the art world is being able to get at the artist’s studio, see their creative environment, understand their vision, their ambition, their drive and then you grow along with them.

Who Should You Buy From?

Auctions typically where you can find good deals and where you can get access to artists that have already been sold out in the primary market.

The primary market is really about building a relationship with a gallerist who you think shares a similar identity to you who you trust who you like.  They really control their supply if you’re looking for an artisan hot demand. You can buy original art online, many good websites offer online services and a good price as well.

Where to sit at an Auction?

It depends on the sale you get the evening spells in the day sales.  The evening sales of the really punchy price tag sales. If you’re there to buy looks it where you are you have visibility to the auctioneer.

You can connect with their eyes. If you’re waving to a friend who knows you’re not bidding and you’re not going to be paying off that for the rest of your life.

There’s always that myth that if you scratch your head you end up with a sixty million pound price tag. It’s not the case the auctioneer is always empathetic and sensitive to the room.

How Many Times Should You See a Painting Before You Buy It?

Ultimately these days you sadly don’t have that Liberty if you’re buying an artist who’s in hot demand. I made the error this morning and if there’s an example it fries going back and forth into booth looking at a piece thing I wonder which one I like.

Finally jumped up the courage to go up to the dealer and said mate and how much this.

Can You Negotiate The Price?

If it is a work by an artist that is not in high demand there is a little bit of time, there aren’t too many other people looking at the artwork then you typically have a wiggle room of about 20%.

If however, you are one of the lucky few has been blessed to be put on the waiting list for the hottest artwork of be up there you’re not going to get any and any bar to room and it will become pretty clear to you there’s a long waiting list.

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Buy for love, buy because you have a certain affinity to the artwork into the artisan because it speaks to you


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