Why Choose the Tungsten Carbide Band as your Perfect Wedding Band

Are you planning to get married soon and looking for a wedding band which is beautiful like gold and platinum? If yes and don’t have enough budget to go for expensive rings, there is the best option for you. You can go to tungsten carbide wedding bands. This amazing looking band is made by combining the compounds of carbide and tungsten.

Most of the men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands come with white and a bright luster which you will find with gold and platinum. You might have thought that as these bands are cheaper, there must be some cons of the bangs. Well, the truth is if compared you will find this much better than titanium, gold, silver, and platinum in terms of price, look, design and availability.

Some interesting fact about the tungsten carbide rings

The men wedding rings black made from tungsten has the same or superior characteristics than the traditional wedding rings materials. These rings are very hard and can resist the higher level of dent, scratches, wear and tear. Besides, there is no need to worry about the allergic reactions issues even though you have sensitive skin. Scientists have proved that carbide is hypoallergenic.

The most important feature of tungsten bands is its long-lasting shiny and polished look. It’s shiny last for a longer period. There is no need to do in re-polishing work even after years of using the bands. This means there is no need to spend your money on re-polishing work. However, with some little, you can keep your tungsten ring shiny for a lifetime.

The was to protect your tungsten carbide rings

    1. To clean the band, put it in a cup of warm water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Soak it for around 15 to 20 minutes and then dry it out using a soft cloth. If you see the band is not cleaned properly, then it’s time to use a soft toothbrush. Put a few drops of liquid soap on a toothbrush and clean your ring. The bristle of the toothbrush will go deep inside the grooves and remove the dirt.
    2. Don’t let the men wedding rings black come in contact with any chemical. Well, tungsten is a strong Meta, but it can respond badly to the dangerous cleaning solution. For example, chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, and bleach can put a negative effect on the ring. Such chemical can blemish the surface of the ring. Prefer not to use the ring while you are swimming or using these products. If the ring came into contact with among one of these chemicals, clean it properly with warm water using liquid soap.
    3. Don’t use ultrasonic cleaning products to clean your jewelry. They can create invisible fractures in the band. Always store the ring separately. The men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands are exceptionally strong material. This is resistance to scratch, but this material can scratch and destroy other jewelry made from gold, silver, titanium, etc. While keeping it, keep it inside a separate soft bag.
    4. Keep your tungsten rings away from sharp blows. These rings are ultra-durable, but they are not completely unbreakable. As a strong, sharp impact can break the band. Don’t let the ring fall on a though surface for example concrete.
    5. Don’t keep the men wedding rings black with your diamond jewelry. Diamond is the only metal which can easily scratch the ring.

When it comes to restoring the shine of your tungsten band, all you need to invest some time to remove the dirt. Generally, these rings don’t need any extensive care or maintenance. Once you clean it, it will keep shining for years. It has said that the luster of tungsten is for a lifetime.


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